Sunday, March 22, 2015

Friday Junking and Picking Up

DGS had a great time visiting his Nani up country - helping with brush burning, swimming, running around the big property, more brush burning and lots of sleeping in. DH and I went to pick him up Friday, leaving home at 7 am and meeting Nani and DGS in Cache Creek (its not half way between our homes but close enough). 

We met at 11:15, said our hello and goodbyes, had a quick A and W lunch and headed home with Diesel (DGS's dog) and DGS. Diesel was a very good traveller, first trip we've made with him. DGS was a good traveller too, two hours in the front seat discussing the very dry climate, ponderosa pines, the Fraser River, tunnels, rock formations, sandstone and granite, herefords and angus cows with their new babies out in the fields and much more. 

A lot of yawning started so there were seat changes, DGS got the back bench seat, the seat belt was adjusted and several soft jackets were piled for his nap. Diesel got the two middle seats and lots of room to move from window 1 to window 2  at will and I got shotgun.

The bonus on this all day trip was .... 4 thrift stops. 

Ashcroft, a small town that was a few miles (km's) off the route we were travelling, was a bonus. This was our first visit. We found a community gathering store with lots of dogs and owners visiting.

Loved the little baby shoe with its faux bronzing. It is well preserved.

The shop was called Second Time Around Thrift Shop and I picked up several great additions for my booth.

Loved shopping in Ashcroft. I know we will be visiting again.

2nd stop was in Yale to check out the rather sparse Flea Market. Nothing caught my attention this time but we will be back again when the weather warms up (Saturday is a better day to shop that perennial Flea).

We also stopped in DeRoche where DH went to in to check out a shop has never been open whenever we drove past. We found it is run by a retired gentleman who started reselling after retiring and was very unsure of pricing and stock value. A long discussion about several different pieces and suggestions for research and pricing followed. Home of The Handyman Bank came home.

Final thrift stop was in Agassiz at the Thrift store.  A quick shop in the kitchen section yielded more stock for my booths. 

This is one of our favourite out of town thrift shop when we have a few hours to spare. Picked up bone and faux bone handled knives too.

We stopped at the local DQ for a quick treat before arriving home.

I had a great time taking the photos Saturday.I set up my homemade light box, which I wrote about here and here, in the kitchen. I shot a great many pictures, editing my favourites with PicMonkey.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great trip.
    I'll have to check out the stores & DQ is always a bonus stop.
    Have a great week.

  2. Wonderful adventure with great travel companions. I love the baby shoe.

  3. Look at all these finds....I especially love the grater...a unique shape.

  4. There is nothing like a road trip and checking out new places good for you!

  5. A great outing and new finds to bring home. I'm going to check out your light box.
    Thanks fro linking to Mosaic Monday Joy.

  6. I love your finds!
    I would love for you to share them with our Link Up Party- Idea box:


  7. You found some great finds. love those baby shoe. Shop hop road trips are so much fun, hubs and I did one two weeks ago and we had a blast. Sounds like your trip was a lot of fun too. Congrats on your finds!

  8. I like your knifes photo. Good adventure!

  9. Great road trip. Great companions. Great finds. Great photos. Can't ask for anything more than that.

  10. Sounds like a delightful adventure, my dear :) You found some wonderful items - love the car! Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  11. I love thrifty shopping! Those baby shoes are too cute!

  12. Wonderful trip. So fun to know the places you visited. Some of my family lives there.

  13. Hi Joy, It's so fun thrifting away from home isn't it? Love the little shoe! I think I visited a shop with that name in OR. Wonder if they have a chain of stores? Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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