Thursday, March 12, 2015

ASCP and CeCe Caldwell Aging Wax

The first wooden box to get some TLC was the one with some inlay decoration. (Projects in Waiting). Below, the finished box.

I started by adding aging wax (CeCe Caldwell) to the inlay with a small bristle artists brush.

Polished then masked the inlay area. I painted the box with ASCP Primer Red. Added masking tape around the lighter base line as well and didn't add paint to the small tab handle. One coat of paint. Dried.

I used a small artists bristle brush to apply CeCe Caldwell Aging Wax to all surfaces. You can see the contrast between waxed and unwaxed below.

I added too much wax and wiped off the excess. Let it dry and then buffed, finished box below.

Before below (box 1)

Box 3 got a much different treatment. DH filled it with some very nice vintage pieces of metal; hooks, washers, rusty good stuff, so I didn't paint it. This box is now in the small workshop.

a peek inside the box ....

Its going to be handy to have somewhere to put bits and pieces of metal for storage and for somewhere to find the various small metal pieces that come in handy on projects.

Now box 2 needs some TLC. Another post.

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  1. The wooden boxes are awesome, this aging wax is really good.

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  2. Love the makeover. So pretty and the aging wax is very cool!

  3. Wonderful boxes and you did a fabulous fluffing up job, so lovely Joy!

    Happy almost weekend!

  4. Very pretty! I've never attempted any of these paints yet.

  5. I've heard great things about this paint...thanks so much for the detail! And also for posting in this week's Shabbilicious Link party! Pinning as well.....

  6. Hi Joy ... love your old wooden boxes. Love how you brought out the beautiful inlay in that little box. I like that aging wax over the red. I need to get some and try it. Some waxes make a paint job look dirty but that one does not.

  7. Either I better start making a list of products you use or I'll have to come back to some of your projects if we refinish some of our wood pieces. I love it when someone else has done the research and shares the products and fruit of their labour.
    Thanks for linking to MM Joy.

  8. Lovely wooden boxes! Great job!

  9. I love wooden boxes Joy and these are all beauties! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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