Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Life Off The Grid by J. David Cox

We had dinner Tuesday evening with David Cox and Sally Davies, a farewell until next time with lots of 'remember when's' and what are you doing next conversation. 45 years of friendship. They had a gift for us -  a copy of their first book Our Life Off the Grid. - An Urban Couple Goes Feral.

Dave writes the blog Off The Grid Living. This is the core of his book. Sally edited and prepared Dave's book to  publishing ready and now the book is published.

We met for dinner at the Hui Fu House Seafood Restaurant on Granville and 41st in Vancouver. This is a fairly new restaurant and very eclectic in decoration, from shabby chic, a bit of mid-century, a lot of Chinese history and some good examples of corbels and just really good junk. That may explain the Christmas wreath in mid February. Great food.

I said I wouldn't put their photo into my post but .... the book has many pictures of Dave, Sally, Fiddich and Megan (their Portuguese Water Dogs), the ravens, eagles, whale pods, construction, kayaking, hauling logs by boat ... 

Dave's book chronicles the beginning to the present of 10 years of living on a remote and unserviced island on coastal British Columbia Canada (living off the grid). Their home site is above steep rock cliffs with a very small rocky beach. Dave and Sally built their home, outbuildings, decks, storage and more working together. A great many adventures, a great deal of hard work and invention and learning are included. Collecting water, rescuing rogue logs for firewood, battery electricity storage (solar and wind), barges, visitors, the funicular, hosting Woofers, visiting students from Hong Kong, kayaks, boat engines and above all hauling everything by themselves to their boat from their car which is parked on another island, off the boat, up the steep incline (bless that funcular) to their home site.

Back Cover

Love having Dave's book in hand. It is so much faster to skim and find my favourite parts from his blog when I am holding a book. I can flip through and look up the 'how' of building their island home over 10 years; wind power, solar panels, battery storage system, wood gathering, fishing, the new workshop, making garden soil, gardening, construction, water collection, watching nature, the community ... no roads, no electricity. Cell reception, satellite internet, mail (post office is a boat ride away), barge delivery of propane and heavy equipment.

You can find Dave's book at and in Canada at and Smashwords. Dave and Sally are also having the book printed in Vancouver. BC

Great read.

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  1. What a great way to start a book! Gets you right into it.

  2. This sounds very interesting and I will have to check it out!


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