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Heap of Change Week 1

After Heap of Change Challenge  Week 1


I am joining Donna of Funky Junk Interiors Heap of Change challenge, hopefully, each Thursday in January. This week (started Friday  9th) I worked on the same room each day for several hours over several days. Sorted and decided what to do about all the full boxes and piles of stuff I removed. Found homes for things, donated or discarded. Washed one wall. Removed dust webs.Steam cleaned the floor. Painted a bit too.

It was foggy today and the natural light is very soft. Below are two pictures of finished room, arranged for contents and convenience.

Below is my before - more work than I had wanted to tackle, so much of the 'stuff' wasn't mine. It was from my Dad's condo and I stacked it in this room so I could do the sorting. It sat like this for weeks, including over Christmas. 

Donna's suggestion for decluttering was turf everything out of the room then deal with each piece by putting in its place, donating, recycling, or throwing out.

Before I moved anything out of the room I went through the boxes and totes and piles of stuff that were from still left unsorted from my Dad's condo when I moved him in early December. Additional sorting made sense, bag up for various sibs and for Dad's new home. Things for sibs, dad and donate were put in my trunk (and delivered). Then I moved 3 bookshelves out, boxed everything that was not put away and moved that out too.

Donna wrote about how her decluttering was going on the 13th. I liked her idea of taking everything possible out of the room, putting anything that had a 'place to go' in or near its place. She wrote about what happens when you do that - not as easy as it sounds in writing. 

Piles of stuff and several boxes were moved to the kitchen for sorting, finding new storage areas or discarding. Most of this stuff was mine, except ...(if it has nowhere to else to land) you know where it ends up.

Went back to the room I am working on. Cleaned 3 drawers, did some 'donating' and a lot of folding. I did have them organized previously and it didn't take long to get that organization back in place.

Took breaks, wash/dried/folded loads of laundry, read posts, went back to work. Tops of the dressers were cleared, things put in containers and in some cases, discarded. Dusting. Waxing.

After removing three sets of shelves to clear space there was some useful discussion with  suggestions to paint and upgrade one shelving unit. I painted and upgraded one shelf here. Other shelves moved to new places in the house (and were filled in no time).

Back to the sorting of stuff

Decided to keep several baskets of things I need frequently, software, some office supplies, paper, cameras/supplies, misc small things, small treasures, on the newly painted shelf. Some books went back on the shelves. Small lace and doily decorated pillow a gift from Judy@20 North Ora.

I donated 2 bags of clothing and 2 bags of books to my favourite thrift store. Other removal included 1 bag of paper for recycling, 1 bag to the garbage, 3 bags to family, 1 bag to storage and 2 shelves. Still piles of paper that need to be sorted into file folders but the pile is about 70% less than when I started sorting.

Finally a decision made - all photo/light box accessories now have their own space.

This is the 2nd shelf I painted later in the week, added a hook to one end, hung accessories (their new homes). Added 'dresser scarves' to the front of the shelf.

More white, less volume of STUFF, more visual space. More work than I had planned to do.

 Thanks Donna for the inspiration.

Room Before and After
(decreasing clutter, increasing calm and peace).

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  1. JAW DROP! Totally!

    Joy, you truly outdid yourself. You poured your heart and soul into this one! I loved your writeup and your mention that you even took breaks. That's so important. These tasks are gruelling, and so time consuming but who has time to pour into that constantly? No one! But you persevered and got this room back. So proud of you!

    I hope you join us again next week... this was one amazing read!

  2. Awesome job Joy! I just wish I was that motivated. There's so much stuff everywhere!!


  3. Joy, what a great job! I'm working on the same thing but much slower. I've had family commitments and very painful knees this week. STILL I did get some sorting done. You inspire me to keep going!!


  4. A big accomplishment, one room at a time. I know full well what you are having to find space for or get rid of. Not easy.

  5. All I can say is Wow - what a difference. It probably makes you feel better too :)

  6. Wowzers! What a task you took upon yourself, Joy! The end result looks amazing and I bet it feels great :) Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  7. HOLY MOLY!!!

    I need you to come over to my house!!! My Craft room looks like the before photo in your post since before Christmas. I have shut the door to that room but will deal with it once i get all of Christmas put away which i am still working on.
    Going Through EVERYTHING, Sorting, purging and straightening out are my goals for this year through out our entire house!! But it will take me a year, I am sure!!
    You did a FANTASTIC room and I love how your "new" room looks!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for being so kind to have left a comment too!!


  8. Wow, what an amazing difference. Great job! Stopped by from the challenge.

  9. Wow. You got quite a bit done! Great job! I bet it feels really good to have the new space reclaimed :)

  10. Great job Joy. Not having a new place to put the stuff we need makes 'clearing the clutter' even harder. Love the clean/uncluttered look you created.

  11. Wow! It looks great. I need to do some decluttering in my upstairs hall where things seem to get piled up.

  12. We're all in this together. It was nice seeing what you have accomplished. Keep up the good work!

  13. Well done! It can't be the same room :) Looks wonderful. Mission accomplished ;)
    Domestic cleaners Balham

  14. What a job that was! Well done!
    I thought I'd get out your way to visit your booth, but time and fog put a stop to that!

  15. Girl you worked your buns off LOL
    And what a great accomplishment.
    I need to do that to my storage room
    which looks 10 times more cluttered than what you started with
    I am working on getting it out

  16. You had a big job.It makes a person feel so good when done.
    I also cleaned my craft room, Mine does not look as neat as yours
    HPS Laura

  17. Wow, that is impressive! Way to go, feels amazing, right? Thanks for linking up!

  18. I know how hard all that is to do. I have been decluttering for years, a little at a time. To tackle a room like that takes a great deal of courage, motivation and energy. Living with less things filling every space makes me feel calmer, makes my home feel bigger and (I think) look richer. You did great and the after photo is amazing.

  19. Wow, what an amazing transformation! You have given me some great ideas for a space that I need to tackle as well. Fabulous job!

  20. Great to get things done, cleaned and organized! Am longing for this myself...

  21. What an awesome job! Just the motivation I need to clean my *cough* craft room. Well done!

  22. Fabulous job! I know how difficult this is, but how fulfilling it feels after it is done!

  23. I have a couple spaces in my home I need to do this to. It is so daunting because I know it will take hours and hours. I am trying to chip away at it a little at a time. Your room looks so neat and organized now. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Deborah

  24. What an accomplishment! I have a couple of closets I need to take care of.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  25. Thanks for coming to my last Fabulous Friday and sharing this heap pf change post, Love the transition. thanks Maria

  26. I know what you mean. I tried to empty the store room and grooming room to clean them both up while I sorted and tidied up the workshop. It didn't work. I ended up putting all the stuff that needs to find a home before I can put it away back into the store room. but at least now I have a cleaner and more organised grooming room and the workshop has space to work and I can find things I'm looking for!


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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