Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garden Progress

My raised garden plants have grown abundantly. Carrots survived, radishes are finished, beans that made it are growing well. Pole beans did not make it. Peas, sweet peas, various kale, an ornamental spinach are all topping my wire climbing frames.

From the sheer abundance of each nasturtium plant I can see that I have over planted by about 4 times the plants for the space available.

The blue kale is my favorite. So far I have two larger green tomatoes and about a dozen green cherry tomatoes. The sweet peas are white (put the wrong mix in, meant to have multi-coloured). Peas have not produced yet, likely planted too late. Over-did the number of plants for the space.

I am happy with the one camomile plant (mixed in with the chives and tomatoes). The sage, basil, thyme all doing well.

Another angle looking over the fence to the carport. Bit of journal reminder for me.

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  1. Joy your garden looks so pretty!! So far we have tomatoes galore. I love nothing better than a fresh garden tomato. Those hot house ones just do not cut it..........

  2. Everything looks so fresh and happy green. I covet all these gardens I'm seeing. I can't remember the last time I saw nasturtiums.

  3. My nasturtiums don't look half as good as yours! I think I need to try some chamomile.

  4. Beautiful!!!! I tried Sweet Peas and Nasturtium once - does NOT do well in Texas heat but I so wish it would!! I had a few blooms once before it got hot! Perhaps I could grow them in the fall.....after the heat dies down.
    I LOVE your gardens!!!

  5. I love those Nasturtiums! Your garden looks wonderful!

    Happy 4th!


  6. What lovely gardens. We love tomatoes. In the South, many of us like them fried while they are still green :)

  7. I wish my nasturtiums looked like yours. I love the flavor of the flower so much, sort of reminds me of cress salad.
    All of your plants are so colorful.

  8. Wow, your flowers and plants are all beautiful. Lovely photos! Enjoy your new week ahead!


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