Thursday, July 10, 2014

Front Garden Progress

Front yard garden is small. Enough space for two rose bushes, peonies, lilies, poppies, dahlia and a few perennials. 
Weeds are  also very healthy, a few have been pulled and others grow taller and stronger. 

I've trimmed a bit off the ornamental evergreen bushes that are now twice as tall as me. The lawn mower has made some passes over the grass areas. 
Two low planters have been overwhelmed by the kale that grew tall and bushy and flowered yellow. Won't try that one next year. Perennials above. Metal chair is a recent gs find.

The sweet peas and alyssum didn't have much of a chance and the slugs ate all but one of the small dahlias. 
DH's maple tree in a pot is flourishing. Maybe it will be planted in the fall, will have to read about the 'right' time to plant a potted tree. 
Dahlia plants have buds that are getting closer to opening. Roses are doing their summer best. Lilies have all come into bloom this week.
Its hot, going up to around 30 C in the daytime and cools down to about 18 C in the late evenings. Daylight is lasting until about 9:15 pm this week. I water in the morning and evening, mostly at the base of the plants. Next year maybe I will put in drip hoses (I say that every year). Tried them once but should have learned more first.

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  1. Everything looks lovely especially those lilies. I still have one variety of day lily that is blooming and I am waiting for the tall regular lily ...taking its sweet time.

    Now there he is growing a maple tree in a pot and each spring I pull up little trees here and there from my neighbor's maple! :)

  2. Hi Joy! Your plants look beautiful. Those lilies are just breath taking. Mine are doing well right now, but when our summer really heats up - they'll just die away. We've been very fortunate to have a lot of rain recently and then a few days of sunshine. So, the flowers really do like that.


  3. Lovely lovely garden ..... wish I had the time and patience for one.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  4. Very pretty plants. I love the bench!

  5. Beautiful gardens.Love the rose.

  6. I love "working" in the garden too. It's so nice to see the results of your hard work when everything starts blooming. You can't beat's such a good bloomer and can totally take the heat. I used to have a ton of them at my old house and they were the star of the show. :) Your garden looks fantastic! Are those wooden shutters I see? They're gorgeous!
    Garden Ponds Design

  7. The lilies and roses are beautiful. Your bench and gardens are lovely. Thanks for sharing your garden, enjoy and have a happy week ahead!

  8. You've planted your small front garden sensibly with some pretty flowers.


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