Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bringing Back A Very Weed Filled Dahlia Bed

This was not a project I thought I could do. The weeds were mostly dandelions,well rooted buttercups and invasive grass).

Last year I didn't garden and the weeds were hugely happy in their freedom. The bulbs in the bed, the roses and the other perennials are doing fine. It is the centre area that is the dahlia bed. You may be wondering 'what bed?'.

I worked 15 minutes at a time, got enough of the bed ready by the end of the week and I was really pleased to be able do the work.

So here is the before and after (ready for planting). 

It rained at the beginning of the week and was sunny for the 5 days following. The soil was soft and the weed yield was 2 large paper compost bags (heavy). I added sea soil to the 5 spots that I am planting (see wire supports) on Sunday. 

The dahlia tubers this year are from my friend at Second Time Around Finds. She is giving her friends with garden space dahlia tubers to plant so that she can have wonderful blossoms for her wedding in the fall. Great idea.

Sharing two collages from my other dahlia plantings over the years.

There is positive hope that the dahlia's will be planted in time, that the slugs will be vanquished, the watering remembered and the blossoms vibrant and ready for October 4th and the wedding.

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I will be back on Monday.


  1. Oh gosh - I love those orange and yellow dahlias! So gorgeous.


  2. The home we moved into last fall had about a dozen dahlias in the garden. I've never had them before, so I'm looking forward to the blooms this fall. Yours are gorgeous! Congratulations on reclaiming your dahlia bed!

  3. In BC the weeds definitely take over when left unchecked. I spent 6 hours the last two days weeding, mowing and mulching (to prevent future weeds). I love Dahlias, such pretty flowers. Cheers!

  4. Beautiful! I have tried to grow these and they die.....I love them! Love the vase too!

  5. It does seem strange how very easy it is for the weeds to thrive! Meanwhile I just love that deer vase in the beginning of the post!
    Your dahlia photos are lovely / isn't it nice when the work is all done.
    Except the weeds always come back, ugh ! :)

  6. It is great that your energy is good the Dahlia in the Deer Vase are worth a thousand words. ttys Rob

  7. Oh Joy ... Dahlia were my Mom's favorite flower. You have had some beautiful ones. Good luck this year. Cleaning that planter bed was a tough job ... glad you were able to take your time and get it done. It will look beautiful.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. What a sweet idea to have friends plant the flowers for the wedding. I used to have Dahlia's all along my fence line but it's too much to keep up now. I miss them.

  9. Love Dahlia's - but they are so much work...maybe that is why we love them so? Thank you for joining in the garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage! Can't wait to see you again this Thursday! xoxo, tracie

  10. Dahlias are so pretty and one flower I have never planted. May have to give them a try.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...


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