Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project: Sort, Haul, Clean, Pack, + Vintage Trunk Peek

Cleaning the sheds and digging out boxes and boxes and boxes and... you get the idea. Spring break is over and the sorted/repacked boxes line my carport three tall and 6 long. Those are 'leaving for a new home' this week. The kitchen, office and living room are sighing under their short time burden of boxes and boxes full of collectibles.  I clean, tag, pack, repeat or just sort and pack and let things go. This is my ongoing project that is taking most of my time and energy and really, it does have to happen now. One doesn't get younger with time and when there is a will to do and the energy/strength to work that is what must happen.

On a somewhat lighter note, DH brought home a vintage trunk filled with stacks of paper and fabric inside as they had been in the 1970's (guessing because of the newspapers inside). From the velvet in the trunk I made a banner to see if I could. I sorted and boxed the cottons for another day and still have decisions to make about the paper ephemera bits and pieces.
The trunk has no musty smell. It has had a lot of use and when I first saw it two years ago it was in a garage/workshop. The inheritors weren't in agreement on what to charge at the time and refused to sell it but, two years later one of them phoned to see if we were still interested.
The locking/closure hasp is incomplete and a former owner added a new hasp for a lock. I am tempted to paint it black as an interim solution. Front/back below.

The trunk will be 'staying' on the front porch for awhile longer as the house is 'full'.
The inside is in good shape, the paper lining looks like marble in the lower box and wallpaper gently scenic on the lid.
I love the wear, color, wood and metal. 

Project: getting somewhat caught up on stuff from the storage sheds. Didn't complete (its an ongoing very l o n g project) but did make a good start this week. About 60% of the boxes in the two storage sheds were unpacked and contents put on the shelves or removed. I have no idea why I thought storing collectibles in boxes was an efficient idea. No way to see what you have without a lot of climbing, hauling, unpacking and then cleaning up again.

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  1. One of my most treasured possessions, and the only thing to come with me when I got married and left home was my antique trunk that I restored when I was 17. I love it and I love old trunks. You've got a nice one there. Too bad about the new hasp though, but good that it's not smelly inside. Many of them are.

  2. I've been downsizing my collections and it's so hard. Now I'm downsizing my Mom's home and it's so much work. I don't want to leave this much for my kids!

  3. I have learned putting things in bins and boxes where they cannot be seen leads to more buying. It turns into a vicious circle. Love the trunk and the goodies stored inside.

  4. Yes, I agree with Donna W. I have stuff packed away and no idea what is in those boxes. I hope to remedy that soon with serious downsizing. Love your trunk and I am sure you will find something special in the paper ephemera bits and pieces. Have you thought just to remove the new hasp? Holes could be filled if they are unsightly ... would look better than that hasp being there.
    Be Blessed.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. It is so hard to sort through and let go, because we loved it when we bought it, right? You are making great progress, I am SO far behind! Love the trunk and the lacey bits inside..

  6. The trunk looks almost exactly like the one I inherited from my grandmother. Yours is lovely!
    Oh, sorting. I have to go at all the stuff in the shed and I dread it!


  7. wonderful and great treasures inside.

    be blessed

  8. Spring cleaning can be such a big task to tackle! Hopefully step by step you'll be able to accomplish your goals! This trunk looks like an amazing find--it will be fun seeing what you do with it!


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