Thursday, March 6, 2014

Metal Step Stool Refurbish Sort of Fail

Seldom see something like this little two step kitchen stool at the thrifts, it needs replacement tube pads. 

Picked up a vintage unopened set of tube pads at the thrift store last week, but they were brittle and shattered when I pushed them on. I know I have more put away somewhere (have you heard that before/been there too?). 

One tube end was wrapped in sticky black well worn fabric tape. Scraped and cut it off.

Important part of any furniture fix is cleaning. The white paint splotches were scraped off the metal and a few larger bits were removed from the black step pads but the small flecks remain. Washed the stool. A bit more rust that I had thought underneath too. One side of the bottom step is unattached so....

it is old and it shows its age, handy, portable and well used and perhaps it will remain as is, perhaps I'll use it for displays.

Then there is the 2nd stool I was hoping to refurbish (that is Diesel checking for food).

This folding steps stool is a another thrift store find. I was 'hoping' that I would get started on this one this week but the chrome is in rough shape, lots of rust. 

The rubber step pads are very worn and in poor shape. I am not at all encouraged to begin on this stool. Most likely it goes back in storage until warmer weather.
I am thinking this post is a 'failure' to refurbish' project.

updated note August 21/17: donated all the stools back to the thrift stores

2nd updated note: read a great post on making a stool beautiful again - which I will add if I can find it again !!!

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  1. I think one has to pick your battles there must be a place to buy new foots. Have a great Day. ttys Rob

  2. I have several "maybe later's" hanging about the house. I love the metal stools and I usually just wax right over the rust!

  3. Super cool pieces! They reminds me of my Grandma's! You didn't fail... the ideas are still further baking. :)

  4. Oh my goodness! Your Diesel looks just like my Coco!

  5. Oh, I feel your pain! I found a fabulous red and chrome two step stool with a seat at a thrift store. Thought I would try to sell it but it also needs new rubber feet. Then my granddaughter was over and she is just big enough now to sit on it up to the table instead of a baby seat. Guess I am keeping it! She loves it!

  6. Love these older stools! You did a good job on it. Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  7. Just found you through the social media roundup, and I love your blog! Glad to follow you! :)


  8. Great idea to turn the first stool into a table of sorts. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. Thanks for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas


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