Monday, March 31, 2014

March Thrifted Finds

The end of a month that had a bit of spring. Coastal BC has rain (lots), pink cherry blossoms and laburnum as well as crocus, daffodils and snowdrops. A lot of moss and soggy grass too. My three blueberry bushes are six years old and survived the winter and have bud swellings.
Garage sales - a few, thrift store, got some stuff.  The Cuban Cigar Maker was my must unusual find in March.  At first glance I thought it was a toy chair and table and a puppet. 
So glad I found some blue this month. I love joining in with Smiling Sally Blue Monday.
The collage above is a strange mixture but when thrifting eclectic is good.
A mixture of vintage cute and vintage lovely.
Sometimes the elegant is also found.
The romantic prints group and the small wooden rocking horse end my show and tell this month. Of course I found more but enough is enough.

I'll be back on Thursday at 7:00 am.
Thanks for coming by to check things out.

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  1. The vintage floral print is my favorite. The Cuban cigar maker is quite appealing in a strange way. It looks like a piece of folk art.

  2. Those are beautiful prints. Looks like you had a good March! So glad!


  3. Love those prints. They're so pretty!

  4. Thanks for sharing, special bottle stopper.
    Sandra @ De Oude Huize

  5. Wow, you made quite a haul with some very interesting finds....enjoy them all!

  6. I wouldn't have known what the first one was if you'd not said...( I thought a puppet or doll too! )

    Love that floral print in the last set

    Altogether some lovely and interesting finds! :)

  7. Love those prints! Gorgeous!

  8. I haven't been out hunting yet! I am trying to downsize not bring more in LOL
    Love the little cigar man with his table & chair ,how interesting
    seen you over on Ivy & Elephants

  9. Very fun! Love the old stopper and the prints.

  10. A great assortment of vintage finds. I have been around a long time and never saw the cigar maker before.

  11. Your cuban cigar guy is kind of amazing. And I like the copper molds and the African/primitve men. Great, fun finds. Hope you have a great week-end (finding more loot?)!

  12. ohhh I love your thrifted finds! such great ones especially the cigar roller, I'd never had known what it was!

  13. What a great assortment of vintage finds. I love browsing through thrift stores and antique markets.

  14. Hi Joy,

    I'm glad you found that blue too! That happens to be my very favorite shade--cobalt blue. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  15. Nice contribution to the blue theme!
    Happy Easter to you!

  16. Great finds. Love the little lamp.


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