Monday, March 17, 2014

Embrace the Eclectic 2 Vintage Doorknobs

Totally love the title - it describes what so many of us do every week while out garage sale - ing,  flea - ing, thrift - ing. This month my eclectic find is a box of vintage doorknobs plus vintage doorknobs in doors.

This is another box of collectibles that stay in my personal collection.

When I went to our last family reunion I visited childhood memories, taking photos of the old and well used. Doorknobs and plates from the bunkhouse, the ranch house upstairs bedroom and basement door and mirror and doorknob from the bunkhouse.

The door (below) was in the attic storeroom at the Ranch house where my parents lived in the late 40's to the mid 50's. I remember this storeroom filled with storm windows. My dear Aunt has upgraded the insulation in the house (when we lived there there was very little insulation).

I had almost forgotten that we have a vintage glass doorknob set on our office door.

It is somewhat strange to have two vintage multi glass paned doors in our 1967 home. We added them about 20 years ago. 

Almost left out the basement doorknobs. A trio of multi-paned doors used as a wall. I remember the antique store they came from. One of our first forays into adding old to our home.

Touches of vintage in a not so vintage home.

Cindy of Glass Slipper Restorations wrote about a non toxic way to clean painted vintage door hardware.

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  1. How gorgeous! I too, have a thing for old doorknobs and their backings. Have you ever noticed when I take photos of my stuff - it is up against an old door that is all chippy? I got it at Habitat's Restore. It has a white glass doorknob.

    I'd sure keep all of those!!


  2. In my old bungalow, I have a galley kitchen ( runs about 8x12 ) and there was a door going down to the basement ...all original with the glass knob. I had it taken off ...I have a cat that would need to get down there and I couldn't imagine dealing with the door when I wanted to run up and down to do laundry but I have it saved / stored in the basement / door is from early 1900's or so :) There is no way I'd have cat door cut into that original ! :)

  3. I love these door knobs. My in laws had the old ones all over their house. But never did I think to move them and when the passed away.

  4. Thanks for the non-toxic painting link, super helpful. The door knob is gorgeous.

  5. Hi Joy ... I don't blame you for keeping those beautiful door knobs in your personal collection. They are beautiful Joy. The back plates are usually pretty too. Love the long one on the wooden door. Wonderful vintage art worthy of hanging on a wall.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. I've been carrying around a clear glass door knob set for years. Not sure where I found it. I love all things about old doors.

  7. Very pretty assortment. I bet you have lots of interesting collections.

  8. I just love old door knobs, I'd replace every knob in this house if I could! So pretty! Thanks so much for stopping by chapter37 and for your kind comment!

  9. Love all you wonderful old door knobs and thanks for sharing them at my party.


  10. my house (from 1935) sadly has no original doors in it except one little one hidden away by the attic--love the idea of snapping photos of them!

  11. Your old door knobs are just charming! Just think of all the hands that have touched them over the years!


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