Thursday, January 30, 2014

1950 Era Wooden Primary School Chairs

Thrift store finds. Primary chairs. A bit of an eames look in the formed plywood legs and back. Repairs needed, cleaning and a refinish as well.

Chairs before (without the details of splitting plywood showing).

Great primary chairs, curved and dated likely in the 1950's. A long useful life. (2014-1950= 64,  so likely between 50 to 60 years approximate age)

Scrubbed, rinsed in bathtub shower, towel dried and then air dried overnight.

Two sections of seat sides needed some regluing and clamping and then sanding to remove loose finish. Love those screws holding the legs in place.

One leg had a bit of split around the screw area. Glued, clamped. (yes I see that almost duplicate picture)

Varathane (clear), 2 coats, overnight drying (glue/clamps and fussy repairs plus some of the varathane applications thank you to DH).

After (night shot IS0 6400).

My old (replacement) dolly Susy (I don't think I've written her story yet) on a refurbished primary chair with a 1960 issue of Come Along With Me (Copp Clark) and a dollhouse (for Claudia and Judy although theirs are much more vintage and way more fun). Could not find my Dick and Jane readers for this post. 1960 or 1910 were my 'reader choices'.

When I put them in my booth I added some vintage primary readers.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these great little vintage primary chairs refurbished.
Can you believe this is my third project this month (first, second). I amaze myself sometimes.

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  1. Nice job on the chairs really like the style. I am sure they will sell fast. Happy to see your energy returning ttys Rob

  2. You did an awesome job on those chairs Joy!! They look new - but vintage. I once traded a church 250 little wooden children's chairs for redecorating their sanctuary. Believe it or not, I eventually painted all of them!

    You are on a roll!


  3. Joy these chairs are wonderful and you did a great job on the refurbishing.

  4. I have a fetish for chairs. These are sweet as can be and I'm sure I could not have passed up.

  5. They appear to be European in design. Love how you refurbished them. Like North Ora above I have cleaned out the local churches of their Sunday school chairs when they went to plastic.

  6. visiting you from rooted in Thyme. Love these!!

  7. Aren't those darling chairs - especially now! Beautiful.

  8. LOVE! LOVE! My mom has some old wood chairs from a local elementary school - they are adult sized and used as dining room chairs - I want to steal them. These remind me of them...I love it!

  9. So nice to see the clean lines of the chairs highlighted by preserving the wood.

  10. Your chairs turned out beautifully. They just don't make them like they used to, so it's great to see vintage wood restored and brought back to life! Stopping by from Funky Junk ~ Amy

  11. They are gorgeous...the look and color of the wood remind me of the chairs and desks in my gradeschool. Born 1957 ...I"m so Vintage...just like the chairs :)

  12. I remember those was it that long ago? LOL. Great job.


  13. I love child sized furniture and snatch up any that I can find. I've never found any chairs as awesome as those, however. Nice!

  14. From one Joy to another, I see you enJOY looking for treasures as I do. However, bringing furniture back to life and making them beautiful as you have shown on your blog is not my thing. However, I do enJOY seeing the before and after magic.

  15. Love those little chairs. Great job of re-doing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  16. Neat..I remember those chairs. And dick and Jane and ( oh how I hated) "Baby" Sally, their little sister. )))

  17. They sure shined up like a new penny didn't they? You're on a roll with the projects, makes me feel like a slacker, I've been wanting to paint something. I'll get to it eventually! Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party. Take care! -Dawn @ We Call It

  18. The chairs look amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs...

  19. These turned out beautiful Joy. What a great restoration job. Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

  20. Love how these turned out! The books are a nice touch- very vintage looking. Would surely make me stop at your booth!


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