Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas At My Booths

I've been enjoying seeing Sue of Granny Sue's and Linda of Coastal Charm's views of their booths so I thought I might share a fresh view of my booths as well.

Seasonal collectibles make such lovely vignettes that I decided to post my late November booth views (taken quickly with a point and shoot on auto).

I suspect several readers are not aware that I am a reseller of vintage. I rarely share this facet of my blogging life. I also have a blog (Village Antiques Mall) about the mall I sell in where I feature, in no particular order, other resellers and their booths and 'mall walks'.

I haven't shown any of my 'booth views' for quite some time, August 2012, September 2012 seem to be the last times I shared. I am thinking of sharing at least a few times a year. I know I have enjoyed seeing what other booth owners stock and how they present.

A few other bloggers who have booths that I enjoy reading are: Shabby Love, Sissie's Shabby Cottage, Maison Douce., Cathy at My 1929 Charmer, Sherry at Back 2 Vintage, Carol at The Polka Dot Closet

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  1. Io nel tuo negozio mi ci perderei!Che paese delle meraviglie!Non conoscevo l'altro tuo blog,ho dato uno sguardo,ritornerĂ² a vederlo meglio!Ciao,Rosetta

  2. Your booths are gorgeous, and I would give anything to "check out" all your dishes! I love dishes and the antique mall I am in dishes do not sell? So I would have a great time looking. I've not been able to keep my booth up as much as I would like lately, but look forward to gettting back in to it. I also love that picture with the bird!

  3. I thought my booth was full, but you've topped me. I enjoyed seeing your displays....thanks for sharing the eye candy!

  4. What a beautiful booth and so crammed full! Where do you find all of that "stuff"? You look like you have a really good assortment! Good luck with your sales during the holidays!


  5. OMG I seen several items I liked
    That gold coin dot lamp is one, I use to drive the USA looking for Fenton Coin Dot lamps
    I am downsizing my life's collections and trying to sell on etsy
    I could fill a large booth however sells are terrible where I live at antique malls anyway and rent is so high $300-700 a month

  6. I LOVE your booth!!! What a JOY it would be to come visit YOURS!
    Merry Christmas to you, my dear blogging friend!

  7. I loved seeing your booth! What gorgeous displays! Thanks for sharing at TTF this week!

  8. Hi Joy!
    Thanks so much for sharing your booths with us, they're are filled with such charm and goodies (!) - wish you were down here so I could say hello and visit! I keep going back to the bird painting in the last photo, love it!

    Happy weekend!

  9. Oh what a lovely view!! I would love to come shop your booth!! :) I see lots of goodies!! :) xo Holly

  10. It's so much fun to see your booth...almost as good as shopping there! Well, not quite! I see lots of goodies I would love to have! I hope you have a good season. Sweet hugs!

  11. I sure would enjoy taking a stroll through your booth! Thanks for sharing!


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