Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby Its Cold Outside

Drafts. Minus many degrees weather. Wind chill factor too.

Cold Winter memories. Remembered living on the 'home ranch' near Endiang in the 50's as a young child and the truly bitter cold in a house with minimal insulation. Living in Saskatoon in the mid 50's in a WWII returning soldiers style tiny house, again minimal insulation and it was also bitterly cold. Family moved to Williams Lake in the very late 50's through the 60's and 70's and again there was absolutely freezing cold winter weather. Deep snow. I remember snow to the top of the windows and shovelled high walled paths from the door to the roads.

Over those many years my Mom made and used door coverings to help block the cold that seeped in through the door frames. We had home made cold air stoppers for the bottoms of doors. Curtains were hung in interior door openings to close off parts of the house to conserve heat.

So Sunday afternoon I made a door curtain. I had one panel of brown curtain left from summer garage sale finds. One well used and worn blanket that was waiting to leave the house, a 7 foot piece of dowling and two metal 'wall' hook sets plus a bit of PicMonkey magic to make things just a bit interesting.

Charged my drill (that slowed down the project somewhat). Found the right bit to go with my wood screws. Gathered my tools and short aluminum ladder (garage sale treasure, so very useful for changing light bulbs and reaching into top cabinets and tops of fridges).

Hand sewed the blanket to the back of the curtain, used doubled heavy duty cotton thread and a curved upholstery needle, while my drill charged.

Moved my supplies downstairs. Step stool was just the right height. Used 6 screws to hang the hooks. Slid the curtain rings onto the dowel, rested the dowel on the hooks. Done. Draft cut way back.

Added bonus, when the curtain is removed there are several hooks ready for jackets and outdoor gear.

My cold air stopper (made many years ago) from a piece of vintage fabric; sewed a tube a bit longer than a door opening (about 32 inches), stuffed it tightly with fabric scraps, sewed the end shut. Useful.

Quick project. Already notice a reduction in the cold that was blasting through the edges of the basement door.

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  1. When I lived in an old home in New England we did door stoppers and extra curtains! Sure makes a difference!

  2. It is funny great minds think alike I like the cold stoppers, must admit the coast agrees with me. Have a great day! Rob

  3. Joy, thanks for the link to Endiang on Wiki. Very interesting read, esp. that it would be where a nuclear war would break out, if Russia started it! And that a Tucker played for the NHL.
    Stay warm, stay well.

  4. A really great idea, we have French doors leading to our deck and I'm always in a twitter trying to keep the cold out in winter (though in Virginia it's nothing like Saskatoon :) Curtains can't stay there permanently because you can't open the door, but something like this would be great to at least keep in the heat at night. Thanks for sharing, saw your link at The Dedicated House.

  5. You are quite handy and you reminded me of this: First rental as young married was an old farmhouse that had been renovated to two units.

    We had to put plastic on all of the windows, and yes did door stoppers and such.

    And it was still oh so cold there when the weather got really bad...

  6. We use to close off rooms with drapes and quilts too when I was a child. This brings such memories. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Baby, it's cold outside for sure here too! your door stopper is lovely! anything we can do to make it a little less frigid! happy winter to you!


  8. I'm glad to see that you are keeping warm . . . you have a lot of great tip here. My daughter lives in an old home built in 1930 and she hangs sheer curtains in the warm weather months and then hangs quilts over her windows in the winter. I love your cold air stopper, I have a door that could use one of those, great idea.
    Stay warm and keep smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

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