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Tutorial - Linking up with Blog Parties

This tutorial is written for Blogger. It has only been tested on a Mac Computer.

Linking up with Blog Parties has been written by many other great bloggers but I am going to write this for bloggers who have had someone else set up their blogs for YOU and YOU have decided YOU want more control over your own blog.

Linking up with blog parties is a great way to introduce your blog posts to prospective new readers for your blog.

Part I
Adding the Linky Party Name and post address to your draft post

First: have your blog post you are going to link on your screen. If the entire POST name doesn't show then click on YOUR blog title and the POST NAME will show in the address area (see the arrow on the picture pointing to the POST NAME).

Second: you need to have the blog you are linking with (on another TAB) and click on the title of their post that has the party. You will need to COPY that link.

Next you will PASTE that link into your own blog post (the DRAFT of your post).
It is a multi-step but quick process.


•  COPY the address of the blog you will be linking with  (ie) 


•  On your draft, in the area where you are "Sharing" or "Linking" type the NAME of the blog (ie) Funky Junk Interiors/The Blog I am Linking UP (see below picture with ARROW)

•  Highlight that name (ie) The blog I am Linkup UP 

•  While it is highlighted move your CURSOR up to the tool line on your screen and you will see the LINK button, click on the LINK button, another small screen will appear.

•  PASTE the title you copied into the LINK Space (see screen above).

• click your cursor in the little box to the bottom left of the screen that says "open this link in a new window)

•  Click on OK

When you are finished PUBLISH your post (every time you make a change (like adding a link party) you will PUBLISH your post.

So, part one is completed, you have put the 'link back' onto your post. 

Next you will be adding YOUR post address to the HOSTS linky.


Hope you are still here.

Your post is now ready to be linked to the Party that you just added to your post.


Each Blog Party has rules that are important to read to make sure your particular post matches the host party theme.  For example, a gardener wouldn't join in with a  'furniture only' party but would join in with any party that welcomed gardeners in their 'rules'.

A favorite blogger of mine, Donna of Funky Junk Interiors has the following rules on her party link up:

~ Party Junk blah blah linkup rules ~
1. DIY home projects only pretty please. Items for sale must be in tutorial form on your blog.
2. Linkups must be your own work, not another’s.
3. Only projects new to Party Junk please. The themed linkup is an exception.
4. By linking up here, you’re cool with me featuring you on my blog,  Pinterest, Twitter, FJI Facebook, G+ and I Love That Junk with no additional permission required.
~ Home Decor ~
Junk to jewel transformations, room decor, renos, gardening, etc. 

 (and so on, she has a craft/cooking section as well as weekly themed link up)


Part II

Linking with the host party

You will need to have the host party post on your screen and then scroll down their post until you reach the party area. Click on click here to enter.

A new window will open up (they don't all look the same but the information you will add will be the same). Below is a typical linky tools link up.

Each arrow points to a space you have to fill in.

1. your blog address
2. the name of your post or what ever you want to write that is meaningful but short
- your email address you use for your blog
- your name (ie) Joy@aVintageGreen
- click on the little round button Let me crop my own image

scroll down a bit and click on From Web

This will take you to the next page which will be the pictures from the post you are linking up. Click on the picture you want to use, crop it and then click on DONE.

You have linked your blog post to the hosts blog party.

When you have linked your post to the host's party it is alway polite to add your comment, something relevant, polite and positive thanking the hosting for holding the party.

Is your head reeling with TMI?

Break the job down into parts.

1. put the LINK BACK (party post address) on your blog post
2. put your blog post link on their party link up
3. comment

Practice will make this sequence easier. Baby steps. Stop when you are frustrated. Do one step at a time. Breath.

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  1. Thank you for these tutorials with great photos that show where everything is located. I appreciate these posts.


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