Monday, October 28, 2013

October Thrifted Finds

A mixture of Halloween, Autumn and my favourite finds this month.

I love this group of halloween pumpkins. 
Very 'guy', carved by DS and DGS.

Always pleased to find vintage suitcases, love AeroPack by McBrine.

Faces carved into a branch, creative. Stoneware (always looking for stoneware) Double Phoenix, grape leaves egg cup.

Thermos with Canadian Provincial Emblems, a vintage baby rattle and a pillowcase made in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation.

Green teapots, Poole and Galaware Coffee Pot (England)
Mid Century Modern
A bit of autumn as the night frosts start.

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  1. Glad to to see your carved pumpkin faces and so cute and a little scary! The green coffee pots are very midcentury and excellent designs. The vintage silver teapot is a wonderful container for the yellow mums. You certainly were fortunate to find so many wonderful treasures this month!


  2. Joy I love all your thrifty finds. Such unique items here! The large green teapot is so perfect for a mid=century modern home!

  3. Thrifted finds are the best in my opinion! Your pumpkins are perfect! xo Jen

  4. You did have a good month finding goodies! Lots of cute and interesting stuff. Will it all go in your booth?


  5. Great finds, especially that vintage suitcase. BTW, love the puking pumpkin!

  6. I love the suitcase. I am always drawn to those. The pumpkins are cute especially the one who is throwing up. LOL!

  7. Fun finds! I really like your suitcases, I have a hard time passing them up too. Love the silver pot with the beautiful fall flowers.

  8. I love the fun pumpkins Joy. Great finds. Especially love the suitcase ! Placing the mum in the teapot gives it a wonderful vintage feel.

  9. Those pumpkins are pretty cute ... I bet they got a lot of laughs while doing them. Not easy, but fun. My favorite is the stoneware egg cups ... and the silver pot with the yellow flowers would fit in my collection just fine.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. You did well with your finds. I like the suitcase best and I'm still loving the mums in the teapot! Thanks for sharing at my HOME and have a wonderful weekend.


  11. Those pumpkins are great! You have some great finds!

  12. That teapot and coffee pot are so beautiful!

  13. Love the thermos and baby rattle, and the luggage is very cool. Great pumpkins, too. Thanks so much for sharing this at my We Call It Olde Link Up this week. Hope to see you again Tuesday. -Dawn @ We Call It

  14. Awesome vintage finds and the pumpkins are terrific! do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  15. What a neat find - the Coronation pillowcase!!!

  16. You were lucky findng so many great finds. I am sure you will find just the right spot to use them.

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  18. I just love throwing up pumpkin!We made one last year :)


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