Friday, August 30, 2013

August Thrifted Finds

Another month of DH and Friends finding collectibles. A big thank you for their help and persistence.

A lovely heavy red vase (found by V).

A 2 cup Pot-O-Gold Serving Carafe (DH)

The copper barley twist candle holders were amazing finds in early August (thanks to DH).

And more... buttons, yardsticks, Bell Salt and Peppers, Ben Franklin green bottles, Sadler and Grindley Sugar bowls, a nut grinder, a mixture of rolling pins of various vintages, a pile of delicious buttons and a lovely handful of yard/metre sticks.

Sugars found by M.

Buttons were from my friend J.

The yardsticks were found by my friend M. The rolling pins by V, M and DH.

Three radiation sessions left. Things have been going well. I am grateful that I am close to the end of this part of my treatment.

My 'look forward to treat' is linking up with favorite blogs.

ps: I seem to have messed up my Comments section, can't figure out how to get it back for this post. Tried in Settings: Comments but it hasn't returned.
You can email me at ecmcollectibles (at) to leave a comment until I figure this out. Joy

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