Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Flowers and Being Grateful

I am grateful for the help of others.

Grateful for a grandson who helps water the garden and gives the best hugs, loves reading, picking the peas, checking out the flowers, building Lego and playing computer games, kayaking and cubs.

Grateful for a dear husband who has added so many of my jobs to his jobs and fixes things on the 'list' and keeps positive about the changes to our lives.

Grateful for a very dear friend who keeps my yard and garden in shape and helps me with things I can not manage right now. She gives me positive messages and thoughts to help me through the day.

Grateful for another dear friend who is 'working' my booths for me. She takes pictures and emails them to me so I can see how things look.

Grateful for the support of family and friends. Phone calls, emails, flowers, cards, short visits with dessert and homemade bread and soup. DS gave me an iPad mini and solitaire, reading blogs, keeping up with fb family, reading online news, sending emails etc. has helped keep my mind busy while resting.

Just had to measure that first tomato of the year.

Grateful for time needed to rest and work toward  recovery from the unexpected curves that came my way this year. I am reading piles of 'light reading' which keeps the mind busy too.

And grateful to all my blogging friends. Posts can be written and shared and blogs can be visited and enjoyed when one is resting. 
Helps to focus on others.

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  1. Good morning.
    Great post lovely garden shots.
    Have a good day.

  2. I'm not seeing much blue today, but if I squint . . .

    Happy Blue Monday, Joy.

  3. You made me smile. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures and tekst :)

  4. A wonderful and inspiring post. Regardless of your life now, keeping that outlook and attitude will carry you through. Many blessings to you, family and friends.

  5. Hi Joy,

    I so enjoyed this post on gratitude. I think we need to vocalize these sentiments every so often and I thank you for reminding me of this with your lovely tribute to caring friends and family and the wonders of nature!

    Take care,


  6. Such pretty photos and thoughts for your family and friends. It's always nice to hear one is appreciated. A very thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing and Happy Blue Monday!!!
    Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
    Miss Lucy's Name Change To Mrs. Soandso

  7. So much to be grateful for and so glad you are a part of our blogging community. Rest up!!


  8. Beautiful flowers and presentation

    I'm inviting you to join us for travel photo Mondays, if you have any travel photos to share with us on Mondays.

  9. Gratitude is a lovely thing - to experience and to witness. I hope you regain your strength soon!

  10. Joy, I am thinking of you today (and every day, for that matter.) Stay strong, dear sister.

  11. You have a lot to be thankful for. Such nice thoughts to read and pretty pictures to look at. Have a nice day.

  12. Gratitude is the best! Without it, our health suffers and our attitude, without gratitude, seriously lacks. Lovely post and photos.

  13. Lovely post! We have a lot to be thankful for, don't we?

  14. I'm grateful to have you in my life as a blog friend, one who has been incredible help to me as I started my own booths. And grateful for the inspiration you provide with your posts and photos. Here's to you, Joy!

  15. how wonderful to have such a beautiful array of friends and such a beautiful garden. You are very blessed. The sweet peas in the jar is just such a great picture. I love sweet peas and you have made them look so pretty in you photo.

  16. What a nice reminder of how much we can be grateful for. Thank you for sharing that. Your flowers are beautiful, you must have a lovely garden.

    May you enjoy perfect divine health in the near future.


  17. Such a tender and lovely post Joy! Wonderful reminder to us all that we have much to be grateful for, each and every day. I have had an overwhelming day and your post was what I needed.

    Gorgeous photos as always.

    Happy Rednesday!

  18. Hello Joy,
    I guess I must have missed your post on the changes that are going on in your life. This much I know, an attitude of gratitude can take one a very long way towards recovery and helps to encourage others to want to be around you. I know, for I have spent this past year recovering from a fall I had while visiting my son in BC for Christmas.

    Your flowers are beautiful and it's lovely to read your post. Thank you for sharing at my HOME and do take care, my friend.

    Blessings & prayers,

  19. Gorgeous photos and a lovely post! Hugs, Penny

  20. Just take this as a staycation, and get all the rest you can.
    Just smell the roses...
    Feel better.

  21. What a lovely list - and beautiful pictures. Pinning this! New follower here via Bloglovin :)


  22. Wonderful post! As an avid gardener, photographer, and watercolor artist, I love your flower photos!

  23. Hi Joy ... Lovely post ... I would have likely eaten that tomato right off the vine. I love vine ripe tomatoes. All your pictures and your thoughts are so lovely. I pray that your health issues will soon be solved. Your loving, thankful attitude will help. Blessing for you, my friend.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

  24. What a wonderful post, we all need to take time to be grateful now and again.

  25. Gratitude lists are the best! I enjoyed reading yours. Here's hoping to a speedy recovery!

  26. Sometimes I forget to be grateful. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to focus on the blessings.
    Take good care of yourself and I will keep you in my prayers.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  27. So glad you are getting the rest you need.
    I think it helps us rest best, when we have the support and help that we need too!
    Please continue to rest and get better.
    via MHC, Pat

  28. Hello Joy,
    This is my first visit to your sweet blog. I found you A Favorite Thing #45. My blog is called My Favorite Things :) Yes, it sounds as though you have many reason to be grateful! Come visit me sometime!

    Blessings for a great weekend.


  29. Gratitude is an important thing and listing all we are grateful for helps turn our lives around. Take care, my friend, I am thinking of you.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  30. Such pretty pictures. How wonderful that you have so much support and love. xo Lauara

  31. P.S. I really do know how to spell my own name most of the time :) Laura

  32. a lovely gratitude post. We have tomatoes now too! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Hop xo

  33. We never know what may come our way in our lives. Sometimes it is those times where we are made to pause and to rest that we see the tremendous love around us and it gives others opportunity to be there best - for us. I hope all is well today and I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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