Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn Sunshine and Painting

Painting weather; warm, fresh and dry. 
I picked up a few wooden pieces last weekend and today 
I cleaned, painted, waxed, used varathane (satin) 
and even stencilled a bit.
The picture (above) includes a few favorites and treasures; a small planter in the background, the sweet family photo, a red transferware bowl and an aqua sealer with hydrangea. The very old dresser was a gift from my sister. My baby picture reflected in the mirror is a very old treasure indeed, (very few were taken in those early years). You can check out the seascape here.

The vintage wooden makeup mirror went from brown to vintage white with a satin wax finish. Three applications of paint, one of wax. Below is a before and after and then a few 'in progress' pictures.
Instead of cleaning the mirror after painting I taped right under the rim and all the surface. This made cleanup a snap. The time to tape was likely as long as the time to clean paint off but it was an easier task.
I used CeCe Caldwell Vintage White clay/chalk paint and the Satin Finish wax for this project. I would have used Annie Sloan Old White but I ran out and CeCe is sold locally. Both paints are similar to use but not the same.
There as still a few hydrangea left and I cut a few with pink/purple colors, borrowed an aqua sealer from my kitchen display, cleared off the dresser and made a fresh vignette using the mirror.
Its always a bit of a challenge to have something neutral in a mirror when taking pictures.
Here is a tiny peek at some of the other furniture I worked on today...
Love it when painting weather and energy happen at the same time.


  1. The mirror is great I can see it fitting into so many rooms in a house.

  2. "Love it when painting weather and energy happen at the same time." Me, too. Beautiful post.

  3. The mirror turned out great! I love the way it looks. And the quilted runner is beautiful, did you make it?


  4. It's amazing how much daintier that mirror looks with the colour change! Love it. ~ Maureen

  5. Hi Joy, I am visiting from Claudia's party and I love your mirror transformation. I have not yet tried the chalk paints but I think I have a few small pieces I can practice on. My hydrangea blooms did not survive the summer heat so I have none to dry this time. Have a wonderful weekend. Linda

  6. You are great with that paint brush!! I love the mirror in white...what a difference. Nice vignette on your dresser!

  7. You've been busy, Joy. I have to get my tush in gear and do some painting around here. The mirror turned out so well and your vignette is lovely. Of course, you know I love that shot of aqua/turquoise used in your other project!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, my friend.


  8. Great job on the mirror! I feel the same way about great weather: I should be painting something!

  9. The mirror has been rescued for sure. Well done. Visiting from Claudia's

  10. The mirror is beautiful and looks perfect on the dresser. Happy weekend

  11. It is so nice to have the weather cooperate with the painting. Love your mirror.


  12. Everything looks fabulous... makes me want to go paint something! lol

  13. Your mirror got a nice fresh update with the white paint! I love your painting above the dresser!

  14. Joy, I like what you did with the mirror by painting it white. I scrolled down and also your booth(s). Everything is very well displayed and appears to be well marked. A new antique mall is opening up around the corner from my house and I seriously thinking about opening a booth. I've always wanted to do this!! Sounds like you enjoy what you're doing!

  15. Love the white mirror! I have never used chalk paint - would like to try it sometime.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing Autumn Sunshine and Painting on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love the antique white on the mirror. Beautiful Painting too!


  17. The mirror turned out very nicely and is a great addition to your vignette! Happy VTT!

  18. Amazing what you can do if your have the talent and know how. The mirror looks super great.

  19. I'm featuring you and your brother this weekend!

    Thank you so much for linking up!


  20. This is really beautiful! Love the painted mirror - will have to check to see if CeCe's paint is available nearby - lovely tabletop vignette! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  21. That is such a lovely vignette, Joy. And the mirror looks beautiful and fits that setting perfectly.


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