Sunday, September 30, 2012

Painting a Storage Stool

Love estate sales where the house has been bought intact by strangers who are clearing it out before they reno. Plainly they had looked up prices for lots of the items but an old homemade fir storage stool didn't interest them. It was in the garage, against the wall, under shelves, out of view mostly. Offered, accepted.
Check out PicMonkey, they added a bunch of Halloween fonts, pictures and just plain fun halloween stuff so part of my tweaking the stool includes PicMonkey Halloween additions. I've enjoyed so many Halloween/Fall/Autumn blogger posts this past week that the spiders, pumpkins and 'scary' fonts just had to be used.
Great old storage stool with lots of character. I wanted the hinges and the lock clasp to remain as they were so I covered them with painters tape and used an exacto knife to trim the tape around the hinges.
I used CeCe Caldwell Antique White (2 coats) and finished with clear Satin Varithane. The pumpkin and spider are pure PicMonkey. First stool peek here.
Fun project, useful storage, seating height, sturdy.


  1. What a difference a coat of paint makes -- lucky find on your part! Love your "frightful fonts" too!

  2. What a great find but an even better transformation :)

  3. very nice storage stool and pretty now that you have it all painted up.
    Need to try some of that paint, but need to use what I have on hand and just make my own chalk paint.
    Blessing to you Joy,
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures.

  4. my garage sale-find step stool is wider and more squat than yours but it has that same hasp and hinges on it. Wonder if it was a Popular Mechanics project (gone wild! lol) or some such project. Anyway, I love mine in the oringal pine shellack finish (beat up, as it is) and won't paint or refinish it until my last grandchild doesn't need to use it to climb up on the pot. lol! I do enjoy your posts (and love vintage green).

  5. Nice re-do. Glad you kept the old hardware!

  6. Oh loving it, and what a great transformation. Nice job! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  7. What a great transformation you did!! And how practical that piece will be. Nice job.


  8. Please, please don't encourage my Pic Monkey addiction especially since the addition of the Halloween effects. I loved your post with all the "extras". It made my lunchtime browsing a happy one. Your bench is lovely.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  9. Now that is a great makeover! Thanx for sharing over at THT!


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