Friday, August 24, 2012

Hutch Vignettes

With the weather cooling to the low 20 C and lower, the leaves sifting down, flowers ending their blooming season, grass turning brown, fall revamps seem to follow. My 1960's Welsh Dress Hutch which serves as my mantle in many posts is in its next vignette stage, autumn.
The five wooden train pieces are home made, I am guessing by a Grandpa. Good simple detail, sturdy. The Cast Iron Bird scale is another loaner to me, not mine at all but I certainly like the way it settled right in. Couldn't find any info on line about the scale. The Hotel and Restaurant tin sign is original, not repro and has remained a keeper all year, joined with worn books from the 30's and 40's and a violet found at a plant sale. The Kananaskis frame is carved and dated 1939-1940. Some guessing puts it in the POW's who carving time slot. DJ Carver wrote in excerpts from the book "POW - Behind The Canadian Barbed Wire "Within a few miles of Ozada is the Kananaskis-Seebe site which was used first for alien internees and pacifists and later German officer personnel in the Second World War." 
Hope you enjoyed the redressed Welsh Dresser's Autumn Vignettes. 
The Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy and my Salter Scale mixed with a shutter, sweet pea vines and a few more vintage books complete the display.

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  1. LOVE all your vintage things. I'm a vintage addict myself. :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Now I want to go back to my booth and do some decorating. You're so inspiring, Joy. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. How lovely vintage stuffs you post everytime. I like that Kananaskis frame of 40's.

    - Herman Swan

  4. New follower - hope you can drop by and do the same

  5. Makes me want to decorate! One step at a time. Well, half a step...


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