Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrifting on Holiday

Sometimes vintage and travelling = good hunting.

Stopped at the Esso in Rock Creek and there, in an established area just beside the road, was a Vintage Collectibles Vendor Market (on the way 'back' from Cranbrook we stopped and I talked to the hostess who said next year annual event will be June 29, 30 and July 1st).

I had 10 minutes to shop (trying to get to the Kokanne Brewery in Creston on time - note: it was closed - sad face). First table I saw was covered with vintage dinnerware pieces. Myott and Kennsington. Spent all the cash in my wallet so that ended more 'looking around'.

Variations of scenes on the Shakespear's Sonnets plates, bowls and serving pieces.
I said I would buy the dishes (thinking the price was for the Shakespeare's Sonnets dishes), paid, asked them to pack FAST in wrapping and tied plastic bags. I hauled the first two bags over to the truck, was handed the walky talky, hurried back and there were 3 more bags ready to carry. Called for my 'ride'. (DS is a Pilot Truck driver and gives the walky-talky to over size load drivers to keep in radio contact for drivers who do not have radio contact in their trucks)
Finally unpacked at the motel Sunday night. Not only had I bought the Shakespeare's Sonnets pieces but I also had a 'little bit' of Myott 'The Hunter', a single cup from Johnson Brothers 'The Friendly Village', several pieces of Myott 'Sunday Morning' and a two tier serving plate Myott 'Royal Mail'
Had to pick up some plastic bins as the truck was crammed full of our travelling gear and the china. I was happily amazed to see the number of small collectibles shops and garage sales along the highway from Osoyoo to Cranbrook.

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  1. Oh,'s beautiful! That is just so lovely! I have a brown "print" dish set that was gotten when I was very young at a grocery store but I still like them. Mine are not good china I'm sure.

  2. Amazing, love, love, love the two tier server.

  3. You got quite a haul there!

  4. I love buying special vintage things when I am on vacation. It just makes collecting more exciting! Beautiful dishes.

  5. Oh, Joy!!! What a bumper crop of goodies you got!! I have missed so many of your posts and your beautiful photos. Going to treat myslef now with a glass of tea and going to the 'older post' button to see what you have been up to.

  6. i love the johnson bros. "friendly village" china pattern! your china haul was pretty sweet, but i would've been totally tickled by just the one j.b. cup! looked like a fun trip!
    take care!

  7. I have lots of blue transferware, but since I started blogging, I really like looking for the brown now. I've found a few pieces so far and just love it. What a great haul you got. Hopefully I can find some more great pieces as I live in the UK !

  8. Oh Joy I am so jealous! I am always on the lookout for transferware but can never find it here. Thank you for sharing at the party this week!

  9. Beautiful dishes Joy. I had those in my early marriage ... loved them, but have never tried to collect them now. Love most of the Johnson Bros Transfer dishes. Looks like you really had a "joyful" time.
    Audrey Z.

  10. Wow, what a find. Love, love the dishes. Glad you took time to shop.

  11. good find

    it's so fun to happen upon a good find and the price just right

    how much money did you have in your pocket? for these
    curious minds wnats to know

  12. What a great find, Joy! I love brown transferware and this is quite a lovely collection.

    Take care,
    Erin @ Carolina Country Living

  13. Wow Joy, you must be thrilled with your finds!

  14. I love love love old china. There are so many ways to use or display it!

  15. Hi Joy!

    What a pleasant surprise to get ALL of those dishes. I love that the brown transferware also has touches of such pretty colors.

    Thanks for sharing these at my party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hoop Party!


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