Friday, July 6, 2012

Kitchen Vignettes

Bits of change, moving pieces around, adding a bit. 
I like making vignettes, pulling new groupings together, 
adding a new find, changing patterns.
 A painting serving as a background for the cast iron birds. Weary clock grouping.
 Tarnished silverplate mixed with small corals.
 Different arrangements of collectibles.
 This globe and spools are on top of the first hutch we painted. 
It has been an ongoing great place for displays and vignettes. 
The painting was joined by vintage postcards in a large sugar bowl.
Spider plant (large) is a grade 3 babysitting for the summer visitor. DG's Teacher has the children grow new spider plants to take home and during the summer she has the students volunteer/take her 'parent plants' home. The students return to the same teacher in September for the first week of school and bring back the plants ready for the next class to take over. Nice transition.
This is on top of the very vintage hutch that DH rebuilt and painted. 
Collectibles, memories, gifts and thrifted all mixed together.

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  1. first let me say I love your header - the vintage items are wonderful. All your vignettes are simply a joy to view, so much fun to see those great pieces being displayed and shared. Hope you have a fun Pink Saturday!

  2. Thanks for visiting me @ Cottage Wishes! We sure like the same things, moving around our stuff is fun.

  3. I love that little painting with the pansies. Great pics!

  4. The binoculars and the school bell-- I'm in love.

    Stopping by to say "HI" and to follow ya from The ALOHA Friday HOP!!! Thanks so much for sharing your aloha with us, it is so sweet to have you in the mix.

    We're peeking in a New Zealand Mama's beach bag and giving away over $100 in Beach Beauty Awesomeness today-- come join us for the ride... you know, if you're feeling lucky. =)

    Happy Weekend,

  5. Lovely settings! I especially like the vase in the bottom left photo.

  6. wow you have ben busy! Great trip to the OK! Looks like you had fun & it looks like you got a beautiful set of dishes!
    I like all your vignettes and am crazy for the pansy picture & the fan!

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  8. Those are pretty arrangements. You have a good eye for pretty! Thank you for sharing. I've enjoyed your visit to my link up. Have a fabulous week!

  9. Your vignette is so pretty! Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  10. Thank you for sharing they are all so pretty! You've been featured at Cap Creations today, thanks for joining us!

  11. You definately have a knack at creating vignettes. I love them all! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  12. Gorgeous vignettes! I love all the vintage items. Wonderful. I am your newest follower. Looking forward to all your posts!


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