Sunday, July 22, 2012

Display and Preserve

Finally found a tall cloche/dome. It had been used to cover plants and came with a fine layer of soil on the base and up the sides.

Glanced over at the bring home the last day of school project thanks to DGS's teacher - the finale of a science unit on plants - spider plant shoots in soil, sealed in a large jar (a terrarium, sort of a cloche of a different shape). Every child in the class made their own and took it home with them (a very special teacher as well as very special parent helpers). Instructions (DGS said) are - do not water for a year ! Very serious about light conditions too.
This is the spider plant 23 days into the summer. 
The concept of display and preserve.

That brings the cloche dome back into the picture along with a few favourite display pieces. Found the frames and pictures this weekend. A family gathered to close down the home of their Auntie. Very organized. Auntie liked to make new lamps and shades from old. Her tiny home was full and her work room in the back shed was also full of glass, lamps, metal pieces, dishes, purses, ornaments, clocks, teapots, and many beautiful objects from Japan. She also had various old frames and they caught my attention, some metal, some plastic, some pressed wood, all vintage. 
They were added to my display grouping.
The cloche/dome with Believe and Butterflies was found at a plant sale (picked up nine perennials to help fill out the summer garden now that the poppies and peonies are finished). I looked the dome up online it up and it appears to have been made by 
Fringe Studio and named Mariposa for the vintage style butterflies and text.
I peeked at Pinterest to see what others have been displaying under their cloche/domes, then had some fun trying out different items under the dome. The cups and saucer are by Booths England, T. Goode London and the eggs are Ukrainian (pysanky),
an old non-functioning clock and my favourite green hand vase.
This one was my favourite combination. 
Vintage binoculars and cast metal cowboy boots.

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  1. I have yet to get a cloche and I just love to see how everyone displays them. Love the plant in there. A great mix of elements.

  2. As they say, everything looks better under glass. Those kids will have fun watching their terrariums.

  3. So so pretty .. each and everyone of them :) Thank you for sharing your talent on The "Sunday Stop"

  4. Each one is lovely and looks so "special"!

  5. I love the clock under the cloche. That really grabs my eye for some reason!

  6. That's amazing....don't water for a year! Wow. I love cloches. Everything becomes even more magical under one! Love your cloche with the butterflies. I have a whole "bell jar" board on pinterest. It's fun changing them up!

  7. Great cloche ideas. I like the stack of teacups under the cloche.
    Mary Alice

  8. Always envious whenever I see someone with a cloche as I am yet to find one of my own! Adore your 'believe in butterflies' cloche. Just super pretty!

    Jem xXx

  9. You have some very pretty cloche ideas going on. I have several and recently started using them in vignettes. I have a tendency to over water, so I know I will kill it! The cloche with the butterflies is so pretty, but then they all are! So glad you shared your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best!

  10. I pinned ya. I love Cloches.
    Have a good evening.
    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  11. Oh my goodness! I just love that sweet butterfly cloche. Don't all our favorites look prettier under glass? :)


  12. I am so impressed with the school, teachers and helpers! What a great idea!

    I am tired tonight and wanted to just look at something pretty before going to bed. I am not at home - I'm at my daughter's - so I opened my laptop and enjoyed a visit at your brother's blog. Then I scrolled over to yours. I need to check on WHY yours is not coming up in my feed! Perhaps Amber can help me while I'm down here!
    Anyway - true to your every post - I feasted my eyes on your beautiful pics and totally enjoyed my visit!

    Linda C

  13. Oh my goodness, your cloches are lovely. The shoes and binoculars are such a great vignette and the butterfly's are so beautiful. Love the clock, vase and teacups too - - well can you tell I like it all. lol The terrarium is so fun, I am sure the children all enjoyed making them. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  14. Great ideas that you turned into lovely things.

  15. Adore all of your cloches and displays, so lovely!

    Happy VTT!

  16. enjoyed your cloche, you need to check out a stroll thru life blog, she did a cloche celebration, all kinds of them. Or go to my blog and check her out. The one you have is really great. Thank you for sharing

  17. I love your vignettes! Cloche decorating is one of my favorite styles!


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