Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 3 Short Holiday

Canada Day - 145 years

Cranbrook. Fort Steele. Osoyoos. Fireworks. 
Hours on the road. Saw deer and mountain sheep, flooded flats. 
Fort Steele was just waking up when we arrived so we had lots of space and time to look, run around, pet the animals and have a good educational 'in character talk' with the trader. The Fort staff are in period costumes matched with character acting.

Flowers around the buildings at Fort Steele.

To end our day, fireworks at Osoyoos.
We had beach access and a great 'front seat' for the fireworks. Viewers were on the lake in boats, on the beaches and the streets around the lake. The sound system was amazing. Huge crowds, very good town management (good police presence with traffic and crowd control) and well funded and planned local business support ensured a great finale to a successful Canada Day Celebration

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  1. Really happy that you are taking some time what a great trip B is soaking it in he will remember it for years to come!


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