Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thrifted Finds

The rain was very heavy today and by then end of the garage sales visited I was soaked. I also didn't watch where I was walking and stepped in a puddle too. Soppy. Most advertised garage sales, complex sales and neighbourhood sales were 'wash outs'. No shows. Too wet I guess.

PicMonkey has added a new frame Craft Scissors to their collection. Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage talked about it in her recent post and yes, it was fun to try a new frame.
I can see the reflection of my kitchen on the black oceans of the globe. That wasn't my purpose. The young man in the background photo was found in the same stack as the bridal photo.

The first good sale was a 'moving down the street' type, they just wanted stuff gone. Very reasonable pricing. Fun stuff to buy. The brides basket and the vintage bridal photo were found at that sale.
The last sale of the day was my favourite. It was mostly run by the 13 year old daughter, and her 2 younger sisters with mom close by. The children all helped with wrapping and had lots of eye contact and quiet talk about pricing with mom who made the change). A very hands on economy lesson for all. A happy occasion on a wet Saturday.
Usually I don't buy punch sets but this was charming. The ladle has a bit of hook on the back so it won't slip into the punch. I liked the cup handles, sturdy and decorative.
The Pyrex 2 1/2 Qt Casserole has "a trailing vine of stylized grape leaves and grapes, gold on ivory". Continuing the description from the The Pyrex Files, this "...large oval casserole was sold with a clear glass lid and a brass coloured wire double warming stand with white plastic handles." It is a # 943 in some posts and # 302 in others when I was trying to find out the name/year. It was a promotional 1959 casserole.
When I bought it the lid was upside down - and it was a yellow/orange starburst lid. Oh well, look first next time. I do like this pattern and was pleased to find something unknown to me.


  1. The frames around the photos from Picmonkey are very nice, I have never used Picmonkey but will visit the website you suggest for the tutorial.
    The punch bowl is stunning, and I like the pattern on the Pyrex. Nice finds,

  2. You made some great rainy day finds. Love the figurine, the Pyrex and that punch set! WOW!!!

  3. Oh my gosh that punch set it amazing. How did you ever carry all that in the rain? I have got to start yardsaling again. I am missing out for sure.

  4. Some great finds there - I LOVE that punch set!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. For a garage sale wash out day I think you got some winners I love the World globe and that punch bowl is great. The Pyrex casserole dish is great love your new framing for the pictures it really suited your finds.
    Have a great day.

  6. You found some wonderful goodies, Joy...I LOVE the punch set especially...

  7. hi Joy ... love your finds ... especially the bride's basket. You will find many ways to display that. The punch bowl is beautiful too. You did good for a 'washed-out' day. Thanks for sharing your finds.
    Audrey Z.

  8. I love the black globe. The black and silver colour combo is so striking and unusual.

  9. LOVE PicMonkey...even taught hubby how to use it! Your finds are great. Treasures, eh? Have a wonderful week~

  10. Love Love the punch bowl set. Awesome finds!

  11. Oh how I love garage sales! You got some amazing finds, love that punch bowl!

  12. Don't you just love PicMonkey? You found some great finds, but I'm really loving that punch bowl set. I have been looking for one (at a decent price.) We make and serve homemade eggnog every Christmas Eve. Of course, if I had one like yours, I'd be pulling it out for every occasion!

  13. oh oh ..that punch bowl looks mighty inviting!
    Love the brides basket...I was not familiar with that name...thanks for educating!
    Looks like you had a great time rain or nor rain!
    I will see you first for this activity so I am a bit nervous!

  14. What incredible finds! I (((LOVE))) that bridal basket! I hear you on the RAINS. We have had our share here too. UGH!!! "SOMETIMES when the SALE GOES ON THOUGH you get much better bargains IF YOU SWIM to them"...
    Have a wonderful week,

  15. love all your finds and love the new frame....have to try it.
    come visit me on my new blog

  16. So nice to see you last night...I tryed to see your booth but when I went you had people there...I want to see your punch bowl!

  17. The silver punch bowl is awesome, I'm loving it! I also love the pretty porcelain figurines from ocupied Thank you for hosting and having me.

  18. What great finds! I adore the wedding basket, so lovely.

    Happy VTT!

  19. Thanks so much for linking up to TA-DA TUESDAY! Such great finds! If you haven’t already, I’d be delighted if you’d follow back : ) blessings!
    413 Sparrow Lane

  20. Great finds! Thanks for sharing at Creative Things Thursday!

  21. Wonderful find! Love the elegant punch set. You might need to throw a party to show it off!

  22. Great finds! The punch bowl is my favorite. Thanks for sharing this post on SImple & Sweet Fridays.


  23. Great finds! I love the punch bowl! Lovely! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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