Monday, June 4, 2012

Thifted Metal Hinge Lidded Containers

Metal containers, hinge lidded, handled, usable and vintage. Yes I did buy them, who could pass them up.

I picked up two slide boxes on Saturday at the sweetest community garage sale at the Pioneer Village. The prices matched the lovely seniors who hold this sale every year. They are so happy when they sell something. The McQueen Slide Containers were full of slides that were larger than I was used to. The careful catalogue sheets in each slide box started at 1958. Memory flashbacks.

I took a few pictures of slides, holiday shots mostly. My parents had similar slide boxes but the slides were a bit smaller. We still have the boxes of slides but not the serious organization of this pair.
The next pile of metal treasure was six hinged containers. They remind me of safety deposit boxes but inside they are compartmentalized and there were a few fishing floats left in one so I am guessing they were used on fishing trips or storage of small fishing gear. Now that I have them they are going to be used for storing nails, screws, washers, drill bits.... small things that need convenient storage.

Would you have added this type of metal container to your collections?


  1. Oh! You scored BIG TIME!!!! I would have snarfed those babies up in a heartbeat! And the slides are SO COOL as I love old photos of houses and scenery. You are one lucky gal I'd say! What treasures you found!!! Happy Days!
    I've been trying SO hard not to go to any sales as I have plenty but it is starting to bug me when I see all the treasures that are out there just waiting to be found! LOL! I may have to go next weekend. I'm having "withdrawal" symptoms! LOL!

  2. Absolutely I would have! Every time I buy something like that, a use (sometimes just decorative) presents itself.

    What a great find!


  3. I have to say I'm guilty of having passed some up one morning at a garage sale. The ones I saw made me think they were safety deposit boxes at the time, but maybe they were slide boxes too. Anyway, I was overloaded with stuff that day and didn't have an idea of what to do with them. Of course I've thought of them many times and wished I'd taken them. Does anyone have any other good ideas for these?

  4. So glad you grabbed them...I can't resist metal boxes and drawers :) Laurel

  5. hi Joy ... I love metal file boxes ... yes, I would have bought them.
    Audrey Z.

  6. Those metal boxes are a fantastic find.

  7. Came over from Nifty Thrifty to drool over those boxes. Yes, I would have broken my vow not to buy anything until I finish projects around here, BUT metal boxes are my weakness! The long ones that had fishing equipment in them appear to be safe boxes for coin collections>

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  8. Absolutely! Love the industrial look to them, and they'd be great for storing nicknacks...costume jewelry or even Christmas ornaments! Awesome find!

  9. <3 this, what a great find! I'd love for you to link up to my first ever linky party, Ta-Da Tuesday :) check it out HERE ! <3 from your newest follower, I'd be delighted if you'd follow back!

  10. Great finds! I love it all>

  11. I am sure you will see some interesting sights with these slides. Metal boxes can be used in so many ways. Good buy.

  12. Love the boxes and slides! Makes me sad and sniffle-y though to see all the care put into cataloging the memories on those slides and that they didn't end up cherished with a family member. boo hoo.

    Oh well ...

    Happy VTT!

  13. Wow! That's a lot of metal slide boxes!

  14. Hi Joy!
    I have a couple of those slide boxes with my father's slides. I also have a small slide viewer. I think I will take a look again as it's been a long time since I viewed them.

    The other long boxes do look like safety deposit boxes but I am not sure about the ones with all the little compartments. I think they would be nice for displaying small collectible items. All of them are going to be great for organizing and storing small items.

    Thanks for sharing at my party this week.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    The Bunny Hop


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