Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Olde Farmhouse Market Part 2

Yesterday I posted scads of pictures of 
The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market.

Here are the rest of the pictures.

Hope Leah and Barb host another Vintage Market.

Loved # 1

Thank you to The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market
for hosting local.


  1. That is some beautiful stuff. You do a good job.

  2. I love the postcard pictures you shared and how the collections are displayed.Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I also attended and bought some beautiful vintage jewelry made from old cutlery from A vendor there called A Spoonful of Time Design! I love, its very unique and really enjoyed the fair!
    they also have a page on Facebook that i recently checked out after i bought my stuff. Hope to see more fairs like this and i love your blog.

  4. Wonderful coverage! Thank you for including Opechee ~ handmade and upcycled jewelry! Come visit me on facebook:

  5. Hi Joy! I'm so glad you found my blog because I am loving yours! I love Vintage malls if you couldn't already tell. I'm looking forward to exploring your posts! Have a lovely day!


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