Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Ramble

Copious rain, minimal sun this week.
And then... the sun breaks through and the flowers that survived the rain are wonderful.
These beauties come from the original stock my Mom brought from the home ranch when they first moved to Saskatoon in 1956. The stock has moved across Alberta and British Columbia and on to Vancouver Island. I've had this plant in my garden about 20 years now. Huge and lovely white blush peonies.
When the sun came out today I found that mushrooms had sprouted around the remaining stump of the Old Haney Azelea bush that had died off 2 years ago (it had some help as it was right beside the cement wall and steps that were rebuilt and received some serious root damage). The tomato plant and lettuce that DGS gave me for Mother's Day are coming along and his favourite, a pumpkin plant, hasn't been eaten by slugs (although the one just beside (and not in the picture) it is very puny, I've been picking little whiteish slugs off the puny one every time I visit. I suspect I dug up a nest of slug eggs when I filled the planter with garden soil.
The poppies grow all over the yard thanks to the reseeding help from DGS. The dark pink peony is my first (20+ years) and it was MOVED from a great spot to its present home and was very set back. Ouch. The holly tree started from a Christmas branch and grew into a tree that sheds its prickly leaves in abundance. The (most likely identification) Rose of Sharon leafy bush may have trumpet shaped flowers in the fall this year, Barb of Ontario who writes the blog Being Gracefully commented and named the plant for me. Thanks Barb. It started from a very small plant 3 years ago.
The fern comes back each year. The orange azalea is a replacement plant for the one that died but the colour is not the identical 'burnt orange' of the original. Yellow iris managed to survive another year and the front planter boxes have a few perennials mixed in sweet peas and cosmos.
The red berry bush is running wild. Its supporting fence gave way last fall and the bush/tree has spread in a very untidy manner (a job that will take some planning so I don't damage it). The yellow lilies surprised me this spring and the lavender nestled in with basil and thyme is doing well.
The blue hydrangea is setting its flowers and the rhubarb survived the winter.
The sugar snap peas mixed in with sweet peas are growing slowly. I think I over fertilized because the pea leaves are more yellow than green. Too much bone meal. About half of the dahlias that showed a little growth before I planted them are up. The one pictured here showed the most growth.
The oriental poppies were just about finished off by the rain and the pink peonies took quite a beating too. There were enough to pick two bouquets and the house smells heavenly. With luck several more peonies can be picked over the next week or so.
That was my ramble around the garden Sunday afternoon. The break in the weather and the sunshine that broke through was very much appreciated.

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  1. Question, my new flower beds are full of overgrown peonies. Do you trim yours back? If so Spring or Fall? Thanks for any advice from someone who knows nothing about flowers. And thanks for your well wishes on our move!

  2. HI all looks wonderful over here! Such a bountiful garden...ours is a shade garden mostly! So yours is so fun to see!

  3. Your garden is looking wonderful, so many blooms and promises of fresh veggies. I'm visiting from Sunny Simple Sunday.

  4. Everything is green and lush and I actually envy your summer rains. We get no rain here all summer. It would be very unusual. Your peonies are stunning. We cannot grow them here. Must admire from afar. Have a wonderful week.

  5. Hi Joy,

    Your gardens look wonderful and I just love your peonies! They are my favorite! How special to have plants from your mother. Enjoy all your beauty.

  6. Ooh,that was a lovely tour. Thank - you.

  7. Hello Joy, thank you for the lovely tour round your garden, you have some beautiful flowers!

  8. Your photos are lovely, as are your flowers.
    I loved the history involved in your Garden.
    So glad I had time to stop by today.

  9. What lovely pctures I love the peonies they are one of my favorite plants. I envy you your tomatoes mine are not near that far ahead. Have a great day.

  10. Georgous! What a wonderful garden you have.

  11. So fun looking at your pictures. Can't wait until my garden is a little further on here in Connecticut.

  12. Your gardens are looking lovely...I really love the peonies!

  13. Hi Joy!

    We might not like rain but the garden sure does, but my Peonies always seem to loose most of their petals if it rained too hard. Yours seem to look just dandy. I love it when old family heirloom plants are taken along in a move. I know that Peonies can live decades!

    Thanks for sharing your garden pictures at my party.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hop Party!

  14. Beautiful. Love that you have your mom's flowers, it's one of my favorite things about gardening - the sharing with people we love. It's like we have a bit of them or at least it stirs a memory that makes us smile. I (like every woman in my family) have two forsythias from my great grandmother's garden in Tennessee. My mom has a plant at her house to give to my daughter when she moves into her first home later on this month (although we will probably wait and transplant the 'yellow belles' (as Grannie called them) in the autumn. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  15. Lovely garden tour! I wonder if the small bush you were trying to identify is a rose of sharon, which does have lovely flowers,(here in Ontario they bloom late in the summer, when other shrubs are done). A hibiscus-like flower.

  16. Thank you Barb - I think that would be the correct name. I am going to update this post to include the name now.


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