Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 2 Short Holiday

Day is over. Boy, are we all tired. 8 1/2 hours travelling including a stop at a museum, a stop for ice cream, a stop for lunch, a stop for gas (and there was an Antique and Collectibles RIGHT beside the gas station. I ran over, shopped for 5 minutes and hauled the stuff back to the truck. Crowded truck cab now. Later (lunch break) picked up two large plastic bins/lids and moved the extra stuff into the truck bed well strapped down. Saw a lot of collectibles/antiques signs driving from Osoyoos to Cranbrook.

More museum, some hands on with permission (caboose and triangle signal).
 Wooden spools, a favorite of mine, sewing form ditto,
 prospectors and clothes washing.
 Love these museum pieces.
 Very pretty flower at a roadside stop. Rest of this group was in the museum.
Took a lot of 'pictures while driving' thus the blur effect.

Hi Family and Friends

ps: edited using Ribbet - it looks and uses just like Picnik !!!

Thanks Claudia (Mockingbird Hill Cottage) for writing about Ribbet
(#5 on Claudia's post) and the difference between .png and .jpg (#3 on her post).  


  1. HI Joy, lovely to see that you stopped at the Kettle River Museum. We used to live just north of the museum on a wee farm. My husband painted the mural on the back of the museum. Did you go into the museum itself? The paper people are my husband's creation too!

  2. Oh you did! I got so excited I did not look at the pictures. : )

  3. Looks like a really nice trip. Great photos.

  4. Hi Joy,

    I hope you are doing well. Sounds like you had a great day and found some new treasures :-)


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