Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 1 Short Holiday

This holiday week was booked for late August. Turned on a dime into a 4 day trip with on the Canada Day (145th Year) long weekend (not my favourite time to be travelling on the highways). DS's work intruded on plans. Thats ok, work is good.

This is day one - DH drove from Fraser Valley to Osoyoos (we left at 11:30 am) and dropped DGS/self at the motel (and DH drove home again, arrived after 11 pm, a very long of a day that started at 5:30 am), DS drove from (work related) Kamloops to Jasper, then on to Osoyoos. DGS and I swam and hot tubbed and swan etc. until Daddy arrived. We had supper at Smittys (they made a special dish - white rice with BBQ sauce on the side for DGS). Picked up the things we forgot to pack, swam/hot tubbed/snacks/TV. Planned for tomorrow. That was a lot of driving.
DGS explored the site around the Information Centre Stop, including this deep small animal home/hole in the ground. Checked out Talus slopes, high water areas along the Crowsnest Highway. Didn't see any wild animals (except a chipmunk). Swimming with Daddy. DS saw bears and deer on the Yellowhead.

Saturday we drive to Cranbrook. Sunday morning Fort Steele.

Bet you guessed this post was for family to check out what we were doing.


  1. Have fun on your adventure Joy!

  2. Have a fun time - any time away with family is good.

  3. Enjoy your vacation....and Happy Canada Day!

  4. Short holidays can be so refreshing and just what you need to lift the spirits. Rx


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