Monday, May 21, 2012

Tutorial - Watermarking with PicMonkey

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Watermarking for Beginners

Watermarking with PicMonkey is simple, fast and so far is not available in the 'collage' format. I use it for single pictures where I don't need a collage. I use iPiccy for collages. 

Pretty straight forward.

1. Open PicMonkey
2. Upload (bottom left of screen is the word upload) 
    a picture you have previously placed on your desktop or somewhere you can find
3. Add a frame if you like (I like Basic and Shadow with some colour changes)
4. Add TEXT (it is the P)
5. Write your text (I use: aVintageGreen, my blog name)

6. Making sure the text remains active (white line around it) change the font, the color, the size and FADE amount. The fade makes the text a watermark. It marks your picture.
When you like the look of your watermark click elsewhere in your picture to turn off text select.
If you like the look and are finished your editing, click on SAVE (bottom left corner of screen) and pick .jpg and Dimensions: (980 pixels most commonly, rest fills in automatically).

You will want to 'play around' with color, font, size, placement and fading until the use of watermark is not longer strange to you. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks! I use this feature as well but hadn't thought about fading my words. Love the idea!

  2. Great tutorial. I am going to pin this and add it to my blog to-do list. Thanks for linking up to Titus 2 Tuesday.


  3. Hi, have you stopped by PicMonkey today? Our brand-spankin' new collage tool has been released to the wild. Might save you some time? Thanks for spreading the Monkey love too! Cheers, Brenda (PicMonkey team)

  4. So you have to do this on EVERY photo? No way to have it automatically on all photos.?
    One more question...a watermark is to prevent others from using your photos, right?
    I am always honored when someone wants to use one of MY photos so most likely won't be using watermarks. :)
    Thanks so much.

  5. P.S. A tip for those that use watermarks thru almost have to CENTER your mark on the photo or it can be cropped off. However, many awesome photos are ruined by watermarks in the center or close to it....


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