Monday, May 28, 2012

Thrifted Finds Monday

Community/garage sales were prolific this weekend (weather cooperated, not too hot, not too sunny, just right). My favourite two sales were the Arts Club Sale held at St. Andrews Church Hall and the Pitt Meadows Trailerhomes Complex Annual Community Sale. I continued to explore PicMonkey collages with my favourite finds. 

PicMonkey is even better than I first though. It is a very intuitive editing program (that little X in the right corner of PicMonkey's screen is a toggle back to the front page). The more I use it the more I learn. I like resizing indiviudal boxes inside of the collage by dragging margins. I also like the 'eye dropper' for picking the colours from the collage - Picnik had this feature.

Chad Valley Tin Globe, England, 1950's
Aqua Bell Jars Centennial 1776-1976. Vintage Collectibles
1970's Tin Recipe Box
Something very pretty, a trio by Albothe Kaiser, Bavaria. 
Delicate Roses and gold decoration.


  1. Some good buys there Joy, I especially like the globe.

  2. I like the collages a lot! Great finds too. The dishes are beautiful!

  3. The tin recipe boxes always catch my eye, you found a cute one!!

  4. I always enjoyed Vintage Green . . . but I'm not sure about all this PicMonkey stuff.

  5. I wouldn't pass up those Mason jars! I love the color of them! Great finds!

  6. You scored! Nice to visit again!

  7. That globe is amazing. Love it.
    Karen G


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