Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pacific Ocean from Dundrave Beach

A favourite haunt - well, beach, Dundrave in West Vancouver. Great ocean sounds and smells. A short high pier, a seawall walk, freighters, a lower boat pier, sailboats, little kids playing, a few tanners, frisbee players, getting to know you daters, tourists, photographers, families. A treat for me to visit. Our friends J and S live and work on  Dundrave Street. J's been cutting our hair since 1980 and we followed him from Eatons to Dundrave. He's been a great sounding board, like a big brother, and is a long time friend. We give each other advice that we each sometimes follow. Every time we go for haircuts (except on amazingly cold and windy and wet winter days) I go down to the beach, walk on the pier, take pictures, breath deeply and collect the sounds and scents to hold me until the next time. A mini vacation, 15 minutes long.

View right and then left from short pier. Framed with PicMonkey. 
The pictures below are edited in iPiccy.
 Entry to public pier/beach area. Gifts from Germany - world fountain.
 View toward the Pacific Ocean
 Sometimes the waves spray over the rocks and as high as the posts on the pier.
The sign is at the sea end of the pier and these rocks are 
just below and to the right of the sign. 
Top part of collage is the sanded beach,
bottom is rocks to the right of the pier down to the water.
This is a great place to stand (on the pier) and take pictures.

Check the canoe/dog post to see the boat pier.

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  1. Hi Joy,

    What a gorgeous place to go and walk along the pier! So serene and I can hear the crashing of the waves. Too bad my hairdresser didn't live in such a beautiful place :-)

  2. These are so fantastic and beautiful!!! I reall enjoyed my visit...thank you :)


  3. Oh I do love it there Joy...Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Joy, it's fun to see your mini vacation spot on the other side of the country. My most recent post is about mine and my daughter's mini hometown adventure here at our beach and a little "nature" trail. I found you at Our Delightful Home's Show Us What You Got Party. Hope you'll stop by Quirky Vistas sometime.


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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