Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dog and Canoe

Not every day has something entirely different. Lucky Saturday. We were at Dundrave in West Vancouver. I walked down to the ocean to look at the ships, look across to UBC, smell the sea air, look at rocks and logs and sand. Looked over the pier - a long canoe. A dog swimming.
The top of this picture is the canoe that caught my attention and the bottom is the dog after it had been persuaded to get out of the water and into the canoe.

The sequences below are the story of reloading the canoe, leaving the dock and heading down the inlet. The passengers are all 'students' from several cultures and the leaders are the white haired lady in the front of the canoe and the gentleman sitting on the back seat. He calls out the type of paddling that the students have to do and keeps them in rhythm.
It was 30 degrees celcius today, blue sky, warm breeze. A mix of high rise apartments and ocean canoeing and a dog enjoying swimming.


  1. Nothing better!! I must have missed a few of your posts! Must go and catch up!

    I caught the pic of the old rotary we don't even have a land line. I never dreamed!

  2. It's beautiful and sunny today here. My daughter took me to breakfast, and I've been toiling in the yard.


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