Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yellow McBrine Suitcase

Not a black cardboard McBrine suitcase (most visited post 2011)
but more of a Samsonite look.
A mid century McBrine Suitcase

 Still has the original fittings.
A bit tarnished on the bottle lids but overall in great condition. 

I think this one is called an 'train/makeup/overnight' case.
I am guessing vintage late 1950 to mid 1960's.


  1. What wonderful suitcases you have. The train case with all the bottles is a great find.

  2. OH MY JOY!
    What a great suitcase!
    I Can't believe it is complete!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog & for your sweet comment!

  3. What a great find!
    I really like the suitcase
    and it looks quite practical
    for travelling!
    I really like the new look for
    your Blog. Good job!

  4. Lovely, I have never met an old suitcase that I didn't like! Great find!

  5. Oh wow what a lovely case you got there! And in a great color too. Thanks for sharing at Cap Creations.


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