Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Green Garden Bench

The best kind - already broken in with old paint well faded by the weather. There was some cleaning up (spiders, spider eggs, spider webs, dirt and grime mixed with spider webs) but no major work was necessary. The bench was covered with a piece of old yellowish carpet and I didn't see what it was until I turned to leave the garage sale and glanced back one more time. Good thrifted find this weekend.

I used a stiff brush and a paper towel to remove the webs and loose dirt. 
Then I brushed the entire bench to remove any loose paint. 
I had to add some 3 inch nails where the legs met the frame (I found some nice rusty nails so they wouldn't look too fresh). One bent and I could not remove it so I used a hack saw and hammered in the bit the remained. Just about panicked though, didn't want to wreak my 'project'. I am grateful to be able to work in my carport instead of my kitchen now that the weather is beginning to resemble 'spring' instead of 'rainy winter'.
Here it sits in a bit of sunshine at the edge of my driveway. Very heavy and sturdy.
I am linking my thrifted garden bench with:
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  1. What a fabulous bench and the color is perfect.

  2. WOW! let me know if you are taking it to your booth...amazing!
    Funny I am moving to the garageg this week!

  3. That is the green, the best kind of green. I love your bench!

  4. That is the perfect bench! And in the perfect weathered shade of green.


  5. What a great find - love the colour!

  6. Love this style of bench, and this one has such character. Perfect for inside or out. Great find. x

  7. Ooh, it's pretty! Love that shade of pale green. I have a few benches in that style but they're only half the length, so that one is a really great size! Awesome find!

  8. Newest linky follower, found you on Boogieboard Cottage. Good eye, great bench, I have one also from a garage sale but yours is longer. Enjoy!
    Hope to see you visit and follow!

  9. What a wonderful find...and you sure made it look great again!!

  10. Love it! Don't you love it when you find something with so much history!!

  11. I love your bench turned out so nice. A new Linky follower. I am new to blogging also. If you get a chance stop by and see me.

  12. Great find! Love the color and the natural distressing it has! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. it is simply dreamy!

    hope you'll visit and follow soon!

    smiles to you.



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