Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thank you Mamie Jane for File Photo Displays

I saw a post that Mamie Jane wrote about creating a photo display. Fell in love with the idea. Set about finding the pieces needed to make my own photo display.

Three weeks ago I found a box of worn out saw files at a garage sale and bought 10. Took awhile to find some old pieces of 2x4 that were well used. Found four. Already had the chalk paint, brush, wax, drill, hammer. At a garage sale last weekend I picked up four packages of magnets.

I painted the blocks of wood with 2 coats of ASCP Old White, then added Paris Grey to the tops. When they dried I dry brushed on some streaks of Old White. Later I used clear wax and buffed the wood.
Went online to Graphics Fairy and collected six 'photo' prints. Loaded them into iPhoto and duplicated then printed the batch out as a proof sheet. Found a photo in my digital collection from a few years ago and used PicMonkey to change the photo to 'old fashioned' and added text (Add Your Own Photo), duplicated and printed a proof sheet. The pieces of the project were ready to put together.

The files  were pounded into the holes that DH drilled in the pieces of 2x4.
I cut the photos out and stuck them to the files with magnets just to see how they would look. I put four sets of file picture displays together. Then I played around with different backgrounds. I think the file/magnet combination would be useful for holding recipes and many other small display items.

Supply list:
Metal Saw Files
Blocks of much used 2x4 pieces (any wood that would support the files will work)
ASCP (Old White and Paris Gray) or any latex paint you have on hand
Paint Brush
Wax and buffing cloth
Electric Drill, Hammer
Round magnets
Old pictures (thank you Graphics Fairy) and scissors.

Cost: under $2.50 a set (the used files were $1.00 each)

Collages by Picnik, A program that has made displaying pictures, adding watermarks, adding frames and using special effects so effortless. Thank you Picnik and adeaux.

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  1. Cute idea - I like that you can change the photos easily. Thanks for sharing this idea with me.

  2. Hi Joy!

    Those old files make nice photo display pieces... the metal is just asking for some magnets!

    Thanks for sharing this at my party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  3. What an amazing post!! I have an old block of wood - part of a mantle cut down from an old home of LD's. It is already 'distressed' perfectly! I imagine he has some files on hand as well. Thank you for sharing this great 'how to!'

  4. Those look so awesome, Joy! Jane comes up with such great ideas...I like how you made this your own!

  5. Ahh! I love it! Such an awesome idea. And I love your finished vintage vignette with the photo display and old clocks. Beautiful!

  6. Don't you just love that Mamie Jane's blog she is so talented. You did a wonderful job of creating these very cost effective.

  7. This is so clever. I really appreciate those who have the patience and talent to craft. Crafter or not, this project is one of those that everyone's going to want. I love the look of several blocks grouped together. Thanks so much for sharing at Show & Tell.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  8. I love the imagination in creating this project. It is unique and handy! The magnets are a great way to use the files too! It could serve nicely for a revolving family photo display. Thanks for joining The Shady Porch and the Rock N Share party! Welcome! I followed back.

  9. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the clock hanging on the wall in this picture, the one with the zodiac signs. I grew up with that very same clock hanging on my parents living room wall. As a matter of fact it still lives in there house and it means home every time I hear it chime. Where did you get it if I may ask?

  10. Hi Joy! Congrats on your feature at Mrs Hines Show & Tell! Love the way your project turned out. It would be perfect to hold photos of my Mom and Nana, along with some of their hand-written recipes. There might even be a couple of files in my Dad's old tool box that I could use. How great would that be?! Thanks for passing on the project and the inspiration! ~Mary

  11. How fun1 It turned out great. Jane always has such wonderful and fun ideas! Thank you for sharing with us at TTF. Have a great day!

  12. Oh my gosh, what a clever idea! And thank you for sharing the tutorial!

  13. A picture display my cat can't break! Awesome! I love your set up with the old clocks and photos.

    Thanks for linking up at What's Cluckin!

  14. Just beautiful! I love this idea..



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