Sunday, April 1, 2012


They met near the end of WWII (1944) at an AYPA dance. They were engaged on April 1st 1945. Today they slowly walk the hallways of Mom's care home and share coffee and cookies before Dad goes home. This is their 67th year married. They are 91. 
Mom says I love you when she sees Dad. Alzheimer's is such a stealer.
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  1. It is indeed a cruel disease! Thanks for loaning me your dad. I started reading his blog and it was like listening to my dad talk. This is the first I have followed father and daughter blogs! ~ Maureen

  2. What a sweet, sweet picture. You can tell from that pic how much love they have shared through the years. Yes, it is such a cruel disease.

  3. I totally identify with and adore this pic. My Mama too, had Alzheimers. I will get with it and read your dad's blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a lovely picture. Alzheimers is heartbreaking xxx

  5. Love the look in your Dad's eyes, you can see his love for her. My father is slipping but so far, the important parts are still with us. I am hoping that the body gives out before his mind is lost.


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