Monday, April 2, 2012

Estate Sale by Invitation

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Four hours of Sunday morning travelling, looking, 
a lot of talking, even more listening, some buying, travelling, 
some more listening and buying and then home again. 
Estate Sale by Invitation. 

If you are an Estate Sale Buyer here are some 
Suggested Behaviours

•  Often very hard for the persons who have to make decisions about the possessions of 
    someone dear to them. 
•  It is always important to remember respect for others. 
•  When buying at an estate sale listening is very important. 
•  Do not pressure the sellers. 
•  Leave your phone number and name as they may change their minds on something you had
    offered on and been refused.
•  Leave the door open for future invitations.
•  Bring cash.

So, what did we find and actually buy?
I love metal.
I have some great plans for bits and pieces, repurposing.
The first bucket has a rolled handle.
 Two buckets of bits and pieces - the vintage red handles may be my favourite find of the day, although I was pretty happy with the old bell alarm.

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  1. Very kind of you to mention estate sale behavior that takes into account the mental state of the sellers. I know that it has been appreciated when I sincerely gush over items that belonged to family members. I am a bit of a geek that way, but I can get all excited about the strangest things and I know people feel happy that items that were loved once are going to be appreciated again.

  2. You have some great finds in those buckets of yours.
    I can go to garage sales and it never bothers sales can make me sad. However, I am sure it is easier on the families to have an estate sale and be done.
    I have bought things in the past at Goodwill or garage sales simply to give it a good home. The object was once so treasured - I could tell - and I simply could NOT leave it abandoned!
    As sentimental as I am - I still believe stuff is just stuff. And when I am gone it won't matter! In the mean time - I sure like looking at my 'stuff!'

  3. Great finds stashed in those cool buckets. Estate sales can be very emotional for those putting it on and I do think your suggestions are wonderful. Being respectful to the family - put yourself in their shoes and think how it would feel to be the one having to disperse your mom or dad's belongings and treasures. We here some wonderful stories too which makes finding the treasures that much more special.


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