Friday, March 23, 2012

Would You Buy It Hutch Base Revisited

I looked back in my posts to find the first appearance of the "hutch base" on Would You Buy It Wednesday Sept 14, 2011 when I linked up with Junker Newbie. Here is one of the 'before' pictures.

After sweeping the debris off the wood and hauling the sorry looking hutch base up the steps and into the house the work started in the living room (we were painting the kitchen at the same time). 

The inner structure had to be rebuilt. All the rebuilding was done by DH. My job was finding stuff, cleaning up, sweeping, vacuuming, finding more stuff...
Pine boards were glued and clamped for width then recut to fit for the top and shelf. Top edge was routed for a curve.
The replacement pine top was pieced, clamped, glued, sanded, stained heritage blue and attached to the base. 

The original drawer fronts were chiselled, sawn, glued and clamped to reform them then planed and sanded and then built on to the new wooden drawers. The drawer fronts and the front, sides, and shelf of the hutch base were stained with Furniture Refinisher.
Here it is - put back together with a lot of pine boards, nails, screws, sanding, planing, cutting, hammering, sanding, repeat and repeat. The noise was %*$^&#.
Baskets will be used on both shelves for storage. The  hutch top was repaired and painted (here to see the September 8, 2011 post). Perhaps I will show this hutch/top when it is 'dressed' and back in use again.
The two pieces together again, for awhile anyway. 
Again, the before and after hutch base.


  1. I love the rustic appeal of this!! I also love baskets in the base. It's just amazing! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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