Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vintage Cuff Links

Business attire and formal mens dress final touches. I wore the 'lady' versions with white shirt blouses. Do you have any 'cuff link' memories. My DH wore them with dress shirts. He had tie tacks too - pearls. Sweet little memory. Often used with formal wear.

Wikipedea's take on Cuff Links. A brief History of Cuff Links: A History of Style.

This group is from one owner. I found these cuff links quite charming. I used the bottom of an old orange box for the display. Love the stains and green colour in the old wood.

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  1. They are beautiful. I especially like the pair with four sections of inlay.

  2. oh my I can't believe how awesome they are...makes me want to buy a shirt that would work!
    Hey Joy can you email me @ wnat to send you alink about a new blog that will advertise the mall!

  3. Boy! Does this bring back memories? Times have really changed!
    I wonder who wore these and where did they go.....what was their life like?
    The stories vintage things could tell!

  4. Oh, I just love cuff links! I think they show real class and style!
    Ahh for the good old days! Thanks for sharing with us and leaving such sweet words.

  5. I still like to see a man wear cufflinks! ~ Maureen

  6. gave my husband cufflinks for Christmas last year! he loves them, now to find a shirt with the right cuffs...HA! love how you displayed them, so cool!!

  7. Lovely; I think those inlaid ones are just gorgeous. Very nice collection.

  8. It looks like "French cuff" shirts are making a comeback. I know my DH thinks they're pretty sweet. I've collected a few cufflinks for him to show off his Scottish heritage.

    Thanks for sharing on Wayward Weekend!


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