Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thoughts About Paper Routes

I helped my brother deliver papers and mean dogs chased and nipped at our heels as we rode our bikes. I helped my son deliver papers and didn't enjoy the job at all. Tuesday I found my self helping my grandson deliver papers. He twisted his ankle playing football with the neighbourhood kids.

This time there was a street map with the house numbers that were to get the papers. It makes sense. The three of us (DS, DGS and myself) got in the car and went to the street that was 'up the hill'.  The sun was shining. The papers were mid-week light and easy to fold. I did one side, DS the other and DGS handed us papers (and then he sat and read the paper as we walked). It wasn't so bad today. We worked our way down the hill and back home.
This picture was from last Thursday - first day delivering papers, DGS going up the hill with Dad (this is where the 'start at the top of the hill' was thought up for the next delivery). DGS said that he happy he has a job. Great kid.


  1. Loved this post, brought back memories when I would get up and help my son deliver the Sunday papers.

  2. This is so sweet! I helped my daughter deliver papers a few times. She (Summer) was in her 30's and between jobs. We would hot fresh doughnuts when we were done!

    The way people get their news INSTANTLY with the Internet and TV - I am amazed the newspapers haven't all gone out of business. The local paper in Irving has been gone a long time. Fort Worth and Dallas are each down to one paper each. Competition is gone.

    You are still making great memories delivering papers!


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