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Picnik 1 Year Later, before the April 19th Goodbye

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Just added this Friday March 9th 3:07 pm: Minutes ago I got an email - is now online. I edited, first picture, first try (below). They are still working on collages but... not bad at all.
Then I took a preframed in Picnik (to the black line) picture and added plain frame and watermark in Text tool and added a pale purple shadow. Lots and lots of frame and text combo's available as well as the cute add-ons like butterflies etc. Facial editing tools too. Sure hope they get collages added before Picnik runs out of time.

I started using Picnik a year ago. I have loved that program and hoping that Plxlr or Picassa or BeFunky or PicMonkey someone comes out with similar online with simple and easy to use collage templates as well as watermarking and frames (right now would be good). I learned a great deal about composition, organization and presentation over the past year, using the tools found in Picnik combined with some editing in iPhoto. Headers became a pleasure to create and frames mixed with various collages and watermarking made picture presentation a snap. 

Just for growth comparison I went outside and took a few pictures of new plants in in the yard. Here is today's spring growth collage:
Good bud growth on many plants. It snowed two days ago and was clear and 'no snow' the next day. Today is 'wear a winter jacket' cool. Daffodil and tulip leaves are up about 5-7 inches now, crocus dot the lawn.

Last March 2011 I wrote (green text)...
Blog Guidebook has been amazingly helpful to me for today's post (and a year later she continues to write what so many others think). I found her when I was looking at How to Live in 320 Square Feet. Blog Guide led me to Picnik and I have finally learned how to make a collage for my Header. This is going to expand the way I take photos.

Three quick photos from my front yard - a peek of strawberry leaves, a bee collecting nectar from crocus and new leaves on the raspberry canes. I am absolutely thrilled! I am sure I will overuse collage but what a great way to present sequences and collections. I know I will be looking differently at the blogs I love, to see if and how they use this tool.

Anne of marmalade and catmint was wondering how to make a collage. I commented back to her with a "how to make a collage in Picnik". She posted it on her blog. Copy here:

Posted by Anne of Marmalade and Catmint Saturday March 10th, 2012

Make a new header using

Especially for The Cookie Jar (and anyone else who may be interested), here are Joy's(from a Vintage Green) blog instructions if you want to add a collage of photos to your blog header.Joy made it all very straightforward and it probably took me a couple of hours to do, including sorting through lots of photos for my favourites.It was great fun being able to play about with it too and honestly, if I can do it, anyone can!

Here goes-
Firstly save your favourite photos that you want to use in your header to your computer desktop.Joy suggested 3-5 but I couldn't narrow it down to so few!

Click on make a collage
Pick UPLOAD and start uploading photos.
While the pics are uploading pick the collage shape you want out of the BASIC choices (on left hand side).I picked the one with 10 smaller photos.
When pics are uploaded drag each one into one collage space.
When you like the look of it you can change the colour of the border (I didn't change the colour)
Then, click on HIGH and DONE
You are now on an editing screen.You can add a second border (which I did) and click apply.
Choose TEXT and make your blog name, size it(I found that when I added it as my header I ticked the box to shrink to size in BLOGGER) and move it around until your like the placement.
At this stage there are colour and font choices too.I kept what I already had.
Save collage to desktop.
Then, upload it to your header on your layout in Blogger.

Easy to do, lots of fun to play about with.You won't interfere with your old header because everything to make the new header collage is done on picnik. Once you are happy with it then you can upload as your new header and if you dont like it, change it back!
Let me know how you get on!

P.S. If you want to use picnik you can only do so up until 18th April, so better get your skates on!


  1. I will be watching to see what YOU do! I subscribed to picnik RIGHT BEFORE they announced they are closing!!
    UGH! I need all the help I can get with photos!

  2. Love your photos.

  3. I wondered how you managed to make collages.Shame it is closing, I would like to have done something similar with my blog header.

  4. I need to get the top of my blog decorated up a little. I have played around with it but never got it sized right or position right! Yours look really good.


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