Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kitchen Reveal

This has turned in to a very chatty post.

I retired after 35 years as a teacher in 2007. 
I picked a project - replace the dining room sliding doors with a door and a window.

The project turned into a reno of the dining/kitchen rooms in to one larger room.

Oh Boy!

DGS was 4 and was my constant little helper.
I had NO idea what I had started.
Found a lot of wood damage from the air conditioner.
Replaced a lot of wood, walls, floor, ceiling.
I am very happy that the work was finished as the open spaced kitchen made a huge improvement in the use of our home.

Kitchen as it was being deconsturcted. (read 1,4,2,3 for sequence). After the deconstruction and rebuilding came the drywall, then then the cork flooring. 
You can see DGS was thrilled with the open space.
September to December 2007

Fast forward to March 2012.

A bit of tweaking.
DH finished off the last small kitchen reno jobs over the Spring Break - (a dear friend helped us repaint all the walls and ceiling in the kitchen, hallway and entry area to the basement). DH built, painted and installed shelving over the fridge, did very fancy cuts and fitting and installed the threshold from the cork floor to the hardwood floor, redid the trim on the counter and rebuilt the hutch base and caulked the tile/wall joins. 
I painted and was the go-fer/helper.

First photo early September 2007 dining room wall gone, second photo March 28, 2012.

I wrote posts on Tea Cabinet, Hutch Top, Hutch Base, Tag organization, painting blue chair, painting green chair, painting hutch, painting free desk, painting bulletin board (organization post), removing cabinet over ridge, repairing hole in ceiling, building shelves over fridge, pie safe post, and numerous mantel and flower posts all came from this reformed room. This room has been a gold mine for post writing as we worked on the projects.

This kitchen cupboard with the leaded glass door and the chiming wall clock has been part of many flower post photos.

I love the look on the west end of the room - tea cabinet, hutch and base, pie safe. We redid the top of the kitchen table as well over Spring break but I didn't post about that (sanding, staining).

My favourite wall - a painting by my brother-in-law from the 1970's, the welsh dresser (a year ago on the 30th), which has been the base for many 'mantel vignettes' over time, the free desk project and the organization project (bulletin board/calendar)

 This view has the ceiling repair/shelf build and install post and the painted blue chair post. A room full of good changes. Used what we had on hand and repurposed.

Today I learned that very fine and wet steel wool used carefully will remove dried on paint from a cork floor. Then I learned that it also leaves a definite difference in floor colour. Oops. So I wiped the areas I had 'cleaned' with furniture refinisher and then buffed it a bit when it dried and its OK, I didn't ruin anything. Another big WHEW.


  1. Joy, it looks beautiful! You clearly had a lot of patience for the process and it paid off.


  2. Gorgeous! I love the homey look. Thanks so much. Linda

  3. Love all the unfitted cabinetry! It's great to see the whole room and not just bits and pieces. Nicely done! ~ Maureen

  4. Your kitchen is so inviting. I love the look of an unfitted kitchen. That's what I have. Great storage pieces.

  5. I love that your kitchen isn't just rows of matching cabinets!
    It has real personality with your hutch, pie safe, dresser, etc.

  6. Wow! You have an amazing kitchen. So spacious and welcoming. Great job with the re-do.



  7. I love seeing DGS zipping through the field of vision in his comfy little jammies!

    The end result is quite quite lovely. Two quites is a very good thing.

  8. Your kitchen looks wonderful!! Great job. I am visiting from Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  9. Wow! Opening up that wall makes a HUGE difference. Nice job!

  10. You did a great job combining a lot of various pieces to make this spalce work for you. Good job!

  11. It looks great! I love all your pieces of furniture that used! You must love it after all these years!

  12. Gorgeous! I love the homey look. Thanks so much.

  13. Beautiful!! I love your kitchen. And I have learned, when I think something won't be too grand a scale to do...I find it is more than I thought almost all the time! Happy VTT

  14. Just lovely!Thanx for joining the party last week!

  15. What a transformation! You must have put so much work into it, and love every part of it. Thanks for linking up to last week's Refresh Your Nest party!


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