Monday, March 5, 2012

JoyShelf March 2012

Early March 2012
Every once in a while I show pictures of my 'mall' spaces. About once a month I show my JoyShelf selling space. It is right beside the front counter and I keep it filled with seasonally themed as well as a range of vintage china, glass, pottery and a bit of metal. Valentines is over and St. Particks is almost here (and spring is about 15 days away). The stock on this shelf changes several times during the month, and two days after I took the 'shelf' pictures I added a few more collectibles. I added this wonderful folding camera on Sunday,
and the yellow tin that years ago came with Household Nail Assortment inside.
As well I put a few 'jars of collectible items' on the top shelf.
So, a visit to my JoyShelf has been changed again by the above additional finds.
 and ...
Shelf by Shelf
In the lower left I see my hands and camera. 
Mirrored shelves always show so much more than planned.


  1. It must be fun to gather and rearrange. Almost like a series of vignettes across your shelves.

  2. I am in love with that camera, and lots of other eye candy I saw. Is that a brown Bakelite lamp? If so yum!

  3. Joy, I'm a sucker for blue and white but have to tell you the old case has a nice look to it. Good to be back, now to catch up on what you've been up to. cJoy

  4. I was trying to say your whole bookcase looked good. Need more coffee. Good Morning.

  5. I've thought before how much I would love to visit in person, and I'm thinking it again. I love the way you display.


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