Thursday, March 15, 2012

Church Sale Find - Large Oil Painting

and now... drum roll please

The Large Oil Painting (found at that wonderful Church Sale). I love the details in this painting. I have no idea where I will find wall space to hang it.

The islands with their leaning trees and rocky edges
The lone person poling his boat
and .....
The large painting was hanging from this easel when I saw it so I just had to buy the easel as well. I put the frame back on the smaller duck hunter oil painting. Having the two pictures together makes their relative sizes obvious. Tomorrow close ups of the artists easel.

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  1. wow, great finds!


  2. I like the old easels they have the look we all like today

    It's so fun to find a great item and I have never been to a church sale ? why I don't know not even when my church has an annual garage sale, I bet I go this year LOL

  3. wow! what a lovely painting! have you been able to find anything out about the artist or is it just a really lovely painting?

  4. What a great find. I love to shop at church sales. Have a good day.

  5. Beautiful painting, wonderful detail!

  6. Wonderful the frame too! Beautiful. It is a quality work.

  7. Thanks for sharing those photos of your church sale finds! They are just great. I loved seeing the close up details in the large painting. I'm glad that you bought the easel too...good choice.

  8. We are all guilty of having an impulse buy. In the long run, it works out and we find a place it. I like this painting as well.

  9. What a wonderful find that painting is and I love love love the easel!

    Happy VTT!

  10. Gosh, what a pretty painting! Nice find!

  11. Love the painting and those pines on the island look like piny islands in the lakes around here in Central Wisconsin!

  12. Great find. I love vintage anything!!

  13. I love love this painting I am going thru a must find a landscape painting phase. Thanks for sharing.Happy to e anew follower.

  14. Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful finds. :)

  15. I'm thinking you def. should find out more about that painting! It's so serene...Great find.


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