Monday, February 27, 2012

Visit to Gibsons

Lots of wind but no rain while travelling. Good trip over on the ferry, not crowded. My sister was waiting with her truck and we dropped my (why did I pack so much) heavy suitcase at her home and continued on to the thrift shop for a good look around. DS is working on an all wool project involving buying (at thrift stores) pure wool sweaters, shrinking them with hot water and a hot dryer and cutting them in to strips, rolling the strips... and when she finishes I will put a link to her post.

All the pictures here are water, clouds, sky and trees. I love being here. 

After the ferry trip I took a few evening and morning views from the dining room window. I brought my laptop and a pile of work to do and I've been sitting and slowly getting some paperwork caught up while having this wonderful view of water traffic, clouds, waves...


  1. What beautiful scenery. Hope you enjoy you visit.

  2. Oh my, Joy. This looks so lovely, so relaxing. Your sister lives in paradise.


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