Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updating Framed Mirror

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I did buy this framed mirror with its water stained frame and stained backing cardboard.

The mirror with the Famous Trains overlay was in good shape but the frame was brown, had some missing varnish and was water stained. ASCP Versailles to the rescue. I painted the frame back and when it dried, the front. One coat covered.
When the paint was dry I worked on the back again.
 I traced the frame shape on to brown paper backing (trim a bit smaller as needed), cut it out and glued the paper to back of the frame and refreshed the hanging wire. 
( Spray the backing paper with water,
it will tighten the fit of the backing paper as it dries.)
ASCP scrapes off mirror/glass with a sharp blade.
Wait until frame is dry before using a sanding block.
Sand until you get the look of wear you want.
Wax, first with clear then dark and buff. The mirror frame will feel very smooth.
Finshed. Always a challenge to take a photo of a mirror.
You can see the pie safe and part of a globe reflected in the mirror.
I am so happy to be painting projects again.


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