Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Crocus, Snowdrop and Peony New Growth

If you like seeing a new garden shed created with left over bits and pieces from other jobs then take a look at my sister's picture. Only new cost was a door latch.

Checked the yard for spring flowers, found more healthy green weeds than flowers. Peaches had to play fetch while I took pictures, managed to lose 3 tennis balls this time. The first crocus seems so fragile and transparent.

The first growth from the peonies (my favourite garden flower).
Snowdrops with daffodil and tulip leaves in the background (along with some great weeds and garden debris that needs to be cleaned out).
This crocus is a 'front yard' survivor, near the sidewalk, with a more vibrant colour than the backyard version.
Walked around the saturated grass, watching out for mud and dog.... also checked the blueberry and azeallia buds and perennials that made it through the winter. Nice to have a mild day (7 celsius) and no rain.
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I am starting a new blog list ('way down the page) 'Gardening' as spring is getting closer and it seems time to think about weeding, adding fresh soil, marigolds, sweetpeas, tomatoes and beans among other spring thoughts.

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  1. Nice to see signs of spring, I live in the midwest, and we haven't had any sprouts as of yet. Just had a snowfall last evening. Looking forward to the spring flowers. Thanks for the sneak peek of spring.

  2. Hi Joy, spring is just around the corner.Sounds a bit like our weather at the moment.Our peony is pushing through and there are lots of other plants peeping out too.I grow lots of delphiniums and they are well on their way too.

  3. It is always a thrill to see new growth!! In nature as well as my own character. Not so much in my body, though!

    Happy SPRING to you, my dear!!!

  4. Oh I can't wait much longer to see lots of lush green grass and flowering trees and shrubs. Thank you for the reminder that spring is not far off.


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